Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Y'all!

It's back! It's back! My Hawaiian quilt is back from the long arm quilter!
And it's beeeauuuutiful!
Don't you love it?
Someday I'm going to HAVE to figure out the white balance on my @$%#*! camera.
It's not so blue like the picture suggests.
It's just dusk.
This is the back...
Green orchids.
My Dad raised orchids. All kinds of orchids, but the stranger the better. He loved him some green orchids. For the 4th of July we would sometimes go to the Orchid Society Potluck and Bingo. Now, understand that I am the youngest of four kids. And the only girl. I am not, how shall we say, a good sport.
I do not lose gracefully.
There were a lot of game boards thrown across our living room back in the day. I'm not proud of it, I'm just saying.
I never won anything.
I LOVED bingo! It's a game of chance! I could actually WIN! I had HOPE!
So everyone would bring a potluck dish, and an orchid or two as prizes for the bingo game. When you won, (BINGO!!) you got to go up to the table and pick out an orchid.
Now, my brother and I always wanted the biggest ones!
Of course!
Big, full, green, luscious orchid plants!
But the big orchids were always the dime-a-dozen, nothing sort of orchids. Cattleyas and Phalaenopsis and Cymbidiums.
70's corsage orchids.
EVERYONE had those. Those were AMATEUR orchids! (eye roll)
Before the game even started, my father would give us our orders. In case of an actual win, see that tiny one at the back? The sad, scraggly one with two leaves and the roots hanging out? That scrub on the side that DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A POT?
Yeah, grab THAT one.
Daaaaaad! We'd whine.
We want the BIG ones!!
But no, like the dutiful offspring we were, we would stump up to the table, all thrill of winning gone, and reluctantly pick up the pathetic weeds with just our forefinger and thumb, and stagger, sighing heavily, back to our seat. Sigh. Stupid little orchid. Ruining EVERYTHING!
One year he made me pick out an Epidendrum cuchibambe. I practiced and practiced until I could say the name flawlessly. I came to love my tiny little plant.
Until I learned that it blooms ONCE EVERY FIVE YEARS!!!
THAT'S exciting for a 10 year old girl!
But I digress.
Can you see the quilting? It's beautiful.
I hesitate to tell you where I sent it, because you'll want some beautiful quilting of your own, and then you'll clog up my fabulous quilter with all your requests, but she's just too good not to share.
I sent it to Karen, from Karen's Quilted Creations
Doesn't she do good work?
Isn't she amazing?
I'll be sending her many more quilts, I can promise you that. She is sweet and professional and an excellent communicator, which is important because she's in Michigan and I'm in California.
I'm so glad to have it home!
Now just the binding to go, and you know I love binding, and then I'll have a new quilt for the pup to snuggle under.
Oh! And me too.


shabby girl said...

Very beautiful! The quilt & the quilting. It's like great big Hawaiian plant leaves. And I love the turtles in it!
That's so funny about your dad! How long did you have that orchid that only bloomed every five years???

Janice said...

We had it for years and years! I was so mad when it finally bloomed a tiny little one inch bloom. I remember being jealous of one that my brother got that had beautiful giant weird blooms that only smelled at night. There's some strange orchids out there!