The New Phone Book's Here!

Do you remember that movie? No? Just me?
It must have made an impression, because whenever something arrives that I've been anticipating, I squeal like a school girl and scream "It's here! It's here! The new phone book's here!"
Like when my quilts came back from my fabulous long arm quilter!
I can't say enough about this wonderful woman and her wonderful talent. Wait 'til you see.
Let's start with the first one. The first of three, yes THREE that came back. Two more went out on their journey to her. I'm calling it the Hammock Quilt.
It all started when I saw this fabric.
(picture stolen from Red Pepper Quilts)
Fresh as a Daisy by Robert Kaufman.
Now, it's true, this fabric isn't actually IN the Hammock Quilt.
Funny, right?
But when I saw it, I was immediately transported back to my childhood.
Hot summer afternoons as a California girl in the 70's.
I would lie on my bed and bake in the sun that came in my bedroom window at an angle in the late afternoons, lying on my stomach and reading books. By the way, I just had to look up the difference between 'laying' and 'lying' to make sure I used it correctly. I hadn't. But I am now. Good to know. God bless the internet.
The reason it struck me so strongly, was because of the sheets that I sported back in the day.
You've seen it. If you're over 35 you've probably had it.
Green grass with yellow and orange butterflies, flitting among little white blossoms.
Like the centers of these rectangles.
I requested a pattern that would reflect the feeling I had back in those carefree days.
Something big and flowy and curvy and cloud-like.
I think I got it.
Doesn't that feel like a hot summer afternoon?
It's made from that same sheet from my youth, with vintage sheets purchased from this incredible seller.
The back is just a solid piece of the same sheet. The binding too.
I washed it and dried it with a fabric softener sheet so it would smell like it looks.
Does that make sense?
I can already tell this is going to be the go-to quilt when anyone is sick, or needing comfort.
It's so soft, and fluffy and very light.
Just like the perfect afternoon.
Here it is fresh from the drier.
Ahhh... I just GOTTA get me a hammock.
Coming up:
The Kitchen Chicken quilt!


shabby girl said...

Ahhhh, this came out beautiful! Great job! Every single thing about it is soft, airy, uplifting. I remember those days!

Allyson said...

Beautiful quilt! Perfect for spring.

Leslie said...

this quilt is just so pretty it makes me happy just looking at it

Magpie Sue said...

Yes, I do believe you have created the perfect summer quilt! Let me know when the hammock goes up!