There's a Chicken in the Kitchen!

Sometimes they just name themselves, you know?
If it was up to me, this would have a much cooler name, but it wants to be known as the Kitchen Chicken Quilt.
Who am I to argue?
It's back from my fabulous long arm quilter, and it's a-MAZ-ing! (sing song voice)
Check out the quilting!
I figured with all the triangles, it needed something circular to offset them.
Thus the "Double Bubble" pattern.
I love those chickens.
And the beaters! Man, I love this fabric line.
It's not bound yet. I keep waffling on the perfect binding.
Ok, truthfully I just don't have any more of any of the fabrics. If I have to go out and buy some, it has to be the right one. If I had enough of any of them, I'd just bind it and be done.
Yeah, I'm just that lazy.
It's got thin cotton batting. It's not terribly big, so I figured it would spend more time on a wall than on a lap.
If it's just going to be pretty, I'll go with thin cotton. If it's going to be used, and I mean USED, I like puffy batting, and not very dense quilting.
There you go.
Think what you will.
What's that? You'd like to see the back?
Happy to oblige.
Did I mention I love those chickens?
Here's a shot of the back where you can really see the quilting.
Dang, those apples are pretty freakin' cute too.
Next I'll hit you with the exciting climax on our returning quilt tour:
The Sultry Braid quilt, that she did with custom, CUSTOM quilting!
She's an artiste. With an e on the end. And an accent mark. And possibly an umlaut. Ok no, I just wanted to say Umlaut.
I need more caffeine.


shabby girl said...

Oh my my! This came out beautifully! The circles are perfect for it. Somehow it just sets it all off! This is adorable, it belongs on a wall, for sure!

Leslie said...

that is such a beautiful quilt...i love the fabric and the quilting and the colors....i love everything about it.

Magpie Sue said...

You can't "beat" those chickens!
Cute, cute, cute :- )

American Quilter's Society said...

Chickens are LOVELY!!! Great work! Can't wait to read more from you.