I'm still here!
And I'm still working on the Red and White Snowball quilt.
I have not quit, I WILL not quit! I will finish this thing if it kills me.
I was feeling so proud of myself, I had thirty blocks left. Then eighteen blocks left! An end was in site!
I could do this! I could finish!
Then I realized that I still have the little half, or rather; third blocks left for around the outside.
Ok, no problem, I can do this.
So it's only...
40 more blocks. five pieces each, that's only...
Eight thousand, three hundred and fifty pieces.
It's the never ending quilt!!
But I will prevail, I have been cutting and sewing and cutting... and sewing...
So did I tell you about this FabFanatic site?
It's like a Costco for fabric. You place orders for fabric lines, and when they have enough orders to fill a bolt, they order it, cut it, and send it to you! No overhead; so cheaper prices!
I signed up for the "Stash Builder's Club", and here's my first shipment!
A little Nicey Jane, a little Park Slope, a little Good Folks...
Love it!
I should make something just out of these fabrics, to commemorate.
I can't wait for my next shipment. February's fabrics are Amy Butler! Can't go wrong there!
And when I just couldn't look at red and white for one more minute, I started making a baby quilt with this "Riley Blake - Wheels" fabric.
Cute, right? It's boy, without being BOY.
I like that.
And then, just because I was high on making straight squares, I started this quilt, for a friend.
It's from a pattern from Laurie Shiffrin's "Batik Beauties".
Me likee...
Now back to those (sob!) triangles...

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