Ahhh... Organization!

So I store most of my fabric in these fabulous Ikea drawers.
It's worked out well, but I have to admit it's gotten a wee bit out of control. I don't have any kind of folding system, I just stuff the drawers to overflowing.
One drawer for green, one for blue, etc, etc...
So when I couldn't find the PERFECT fabric that I have for the binding on Sweet Baboo's guitar quilt, I started pulling out the drawers and dumping them. THEN I had the brilliant idea to try and fold the fabric and put it back in neatly.
Well, neat-ish. I started with my two drawers of novelty fabric, since they were the ones that I couldn't shove back in. Next up was the blue drawer.
So here's the before,and after!Look how much nicer!
Tomorrow it looks like I'll need to sort the reds. One drawer per day, and I'll have the whole thing done in two weeks!
I still haven't found that binding fabric though!
And what's this pile?I started pulling some fabrics for a new baby quilt, since my pseudo - daughter is having a baby!
I already have last week's quilt in case it's a girl, now to make a boy version.
Or two.
Or ten.
That's going to be one cozy baby.


The6ofusinca said...


The6ofusinca said...

Where have you been my dear friend?

Allyson said...

I love your organized drawers! I'll bet you'll love opening up a drawer and seeing exactly what's there. Good luck getting them all done! You're off to a great start.