Sigh. I need new fabric.


Sooo... yeah, then...

I have nothing to say. Not working on anything, not anything real anyway. Do you ever have days (weeks? months?) when you feel like doing SOMETHING but you just can't figure out what? Nothing sounds good, nothing seems to work. Kind of like when you're driving in your car listening to the radio and no song sounds good, no station sounds good. Do you do that too? It's all just so "meh". Sigh... 
So here's some random pictures just for your amusement. 
Here's my "Autumn" quilt.
I cropped it so you can't see the wonky edges since I hung it on the wall while it was still damp. Here's a close up of the quilting...
 a fabric line that amuses me. I think I might need to make a Christmas quilt out of it.  
Here's my new DVD 
Have a great day!