When You Have a Dilemma, You Makea Da Limonade

Dilemma, dilemma... Such a quandary. Why does everything have to be so hard? But really, this IS the part I like best. The figuring out part. Here's a couple of projects,what would YOU do? 
So years and years ago, I bought these embroidered flamingos off of EBay. They cost something like $6, and I just love them. Did I tell you that I love flamingos? Well I do.
Aren't they cute?
So I cut them into freeform shapes, and surrounded them with bright, crazy fabrics. But that left me with a lot of bias edges, so clearly they need a sashing of some sort. 

But what color? I have this fabric, black with little 
happy flamingos on it... 

Or maybe pink? 

Ug. No. The only colors that aren't already in there are purple...

Or how about turquoise??

Sigh. Nothing really screams at me. The hunt goes on.
And I apologize for the bad photos. There's no light in my sewing cave.
Here's another work in progress, a quilt out of Olivia the Pig fabric. My God-daughter's sister needs an Olivia quilt.
Here's the thing. I told you there was a thing. There's always a thing. So I have six red squares, and six 
black ones. Three with red backgrounds and three with white. Three with Black backgrounds and three with white. So at first glance, first blush, first instinct, you would lay out red, black, red - black, red, black. OR light, dark, light - dark, light, dark. Something like that. BUT I can't lay them out like that! It becomes dark red, light black, dark red, etc. and it just doesn't work out. Hmm. You see the problem? Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Are you smelling what I'm stepping in? 
Yeah, it's a dilemma.
On another note, we went to Fresno this weekend. Here's a picture.


Just a lil Sumpin Sumpin

So This Is One of my Latest Projects. I don't know why I'm capitalizing everything, like a Winnie-the-Pooh book. I'll stop now. I had decided I needed a little case for my camera, so it wouldn't gets scratched when I throw it in the bottom of my purse. Nothing that will protect it from breaking, really. If you hit it with a rock it'll shatter, although I'll have to ask you to stop hitting my stuff with rocks, what's the matter with you? 
So here it is. It's flannel inside, for maximum non-scratchiness. And what's that inside? Why, it's finished seams. 
 Thaaaaat's right. Don't be jealous. That's just how I roll. So this is the finished product, 

Well, almost finished. I have a problem finishing that last little tiny bit of hand sewing that you need to do after turning something inside out. Until I sew that last seam, I'll just call it a coin slot. 


Like two warm pillows...

Ok, I know I'm not supposed to post a thousand things a day, but I'm just so excited that I got pictures to work. I promise I'll lose the enthusiasm and end up as one of those people who only post during holidays and the vernal equinox. Soon. But before that happens! 

Here's a pillow that I made recently, it's two shades of
 denim and some orange batiks. I quilted the front  with two layers of batting before putting it together because I wanted it to be really textured. 
I decided that the evening light would be perfect for the picture, so I ran outside in my underwear and only got this one shot before I heard my neighbor's voices. What? You don't hang out around the house in your underwear? You don't know what you're missing. Besides, it's been hot. Sue me. 


Hello! Welcome! Bien venidos!

Hello! I'm so glad you found me after I switched blog sites! Just kidding, If you're reading this, I can almost promise you that you're the only one. Welcome! Come on in, take your shoes off and have a seat on the porch swing! Can I get you a cold drink? 
So this is my blog, I'm still moving in, so I haven't unpacked yet. Maybe you can give me some advice on where to put things? Soon I will know how to put a picture riiiiiight...

...here, and then we'll REALLY be cooking with gas! For now you'll just have to draw it in your head; there's Pepper, the most beautiful dog in the world. She's a black Cocker Spaniel, as you can tell, and she's just the sweetest thing ever. See? She's wearing a tiny hat. And a pink tutu! That Pep, she's such a card. A JOKER! 
So that's what you can expect here. Pictures of a dog who's not yours, kind of like seeing vacation slides of a place you've never been. Or wanted to go. And pictures of quilts, and crafty projects, and anything else that happens to amuse me. And the occasional rant, I must admit. I'd like to say this journey will be nothing but sunbeams and happiness, but I didn't name it "And another thing!" for nothing. 
Oh! And when I figure out how to put some links in here, you'll be able to travel on to my Etsy shop, www.velvetdog76.Etsy.com. Can you guess who the velvet dog is? 
Thanks for stopping by, I hope I have everything put away soon.