Just a lil Sumpin Sumpin

So This Is One of my Latest Projects. I don't know why I'm capitalizing everything, like a Winnie-the-Pooh book. I'll stop now. I had decided I needed a little case for my camera, so it wouldn't gets scratched when I throw it in the bottom of my purse. Nothing that will protect it from breaking, really. If you hit it with a rock it'll shatter, although I'll have to ask you to stop hitting my stuff with rocks, what's the matter with you? 
So here it is. It's flannel inside, for maximum non-scratchiness. And what's that inside? Why, it's finished seams. 
 Thaaaaat's right. Don't be jealous. That's just how I roll. So this is the finished product, 

Well, almost finished. I have a problem finishing that last little tiny bit of hand sewing that you need to do after turning something inside out. Until I sew that last seam, I'll just call it a coin slot. 

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liznwyrk said...

Love your creation and the voice with which you write about it!