And the Winner Is........................

It's that time! 
Time to pick a winner so that Beauregard can fly to his new home! And the winner is.....
Suspense? Should I drag it out and create an air of suspense?
Am I spelling suspense right?
 It's one of those words that looks more and more wrong the longer you look at it. Suspense... Suspense... Suspense...
The other day my brother and I were at a store and he noticed on a box of Fiddle Faddle, "Fiddle Faddle Fun Facts!" I must have said that over and over for about six hours. Fiddle Faddle Fun Facts. Fiddle Faddle Fun Facts. It's addictive! I didn't even find out what the facts were! I just like saying it. Fiddle Faddle Fun Facts... 
Ok, so without any further ado, (adew?) 
The winner is...
The Princess of Everything (and then some)! What a great name. 
And I've read some of her blog now, and I think we should be friends! Here's why: 
1) she lives in the "Home of the fiberglass cows". I LOVE fiberglass cows! And pigs, and horses... Any kind of animal statue, really. There's a set on my Flickr account for "Giant animals that amuse me"

Giant Horse


2) One of her favorite movies is Hope Floats.
I saw that in the theater with one of my best friends and we both bawled like babies. Hungry babies. Sad, hungry babies. I still will sit and watch it anytime that it's on, and yes, I still bawl. 
3) She has the cutest little Corgi - Gingerbean! 
Cute name, cute dog, cute,cute, cute. Corgis are the sweetest little 'big dog in a small dog's body' around. The ones I have known thought they were giant herders, searching for some wayward cattle to put in line. But they only stand an inch off the ground. Maybe I exaggerate a tad, but still. They are low riders.
4) She's crafty! 
Need I say more?
Besides, her comment was so sweet and heartfelt, I'm glad her number was picked.
Now I ask you... 
So Congratulations Mindy! I'll be sending you an email for your mailing address. Then lil Beauregard will be winging his way east!
And a big thank you to everyone who entered! What a self esteem booster. I promise you, this won't be my last give-away! Thanks to Regina for organizing the "Birds of Change" swap! I'm having a blast!


Bird Give-Away! 1/20/09

All right! Here he is. Chosen from among his peers to fly out first and be given to one lucky person! I like him! I think he's very cute. His name might be Beauregard. He's made out of cotton fabric and polyester stuffing, with a beaded hanger and just for giggles a little pair of glasses. He thinks it makes him look smart.
Beaded hanger...
Wouldn't you like Beauregard to go home with you? If so, leave a comment here tomorrow and you might be the name that's picked! If you can find time, of course. If you're not glued to your TV set watching history take place. I am so excited about the inaguration tomorrow, I wish I had an Obama t-shirt, and had taken the time to make some Obama snacks. Maybe some Spam sushi from Hawaii, or a big bowl of chili, reportedly his favorite food. When I voted for him, all the way back in November, I will never forget the feeling I had when I pushed the button choosing him. I wanted to push it again. And again. Then I tried pushing it really hard, as if that would somehow convey my enthusiasm to the powers that be. I actually looked around the room, wanting to share that feeling with someone else. I wanted someone to high five me, or do that thing where you jump up and bump chests. I settled for grinning around the room like an idiot before finishing my selections. There's such a wonderful feeling of hope and expectation right now. Sure, it might all change in six months, a year. Who can say what his term will bring us? It could all go to crap, sure. I'm not an idiot, I know he's a politician at the bottom line, and he's just a guy. A guy with his own quirks and hang ups that will affect, (effect?) how he does his job. But right now, today, tomorrow, I have hope in my heart that he might just makes things a little bit better than they are. Isn't that all any of us can hope for? For our leaders, for ourselves? Don't we all just want to make the world just a hair better than it was yesterday? If we all keep that in mind, how could it go wrong? 
But hey, if you're a republican and think I'm full of crap, then don't you want to win this bird just out of spite? So enter! 
It's a brand new day. 
Ok, this is my first give - away in my relatively new blog, so I didn't think to put in a deadline and some details! It seems like everyone else is giving it until Friday to pick a winner, and who am I to blow against the wind? 
So Friday it is, when Beauregard will fly away to his new home! Thanks to everyone who has left a comment! I really appreciate it! I am both humbled and tickled beyond belief by the gracious comments!


Birds of Change - The Countdown Continues

Dang! Now that I've seen my fellow bird swappers work on the Flickr group, I'm feeling a little intimidated! Well, that and because it dawned on me that the deadline to give away a bird on my blog was the 20th, and that's like... soon. They're not quite finished yet! I mean, I have the basic idea, and the basic feel of them, but they don't have the accessories that will give them their personalities yet. They haven't had their final polish, so to speak. Their final feather combing. The last preening. Was that a James Bond movie? So here's some pictures of something similar to something that might be close to what you MIGHT get if you win the give-away on Tuesday. Assuming you want one. Assuming you enter. I might be assuming a lot.
Birdtastic! It's birdarific! It's chock full of Cardinally goodness! And you know what they say about the cobbler's children having no shoes? Well it's the same for the photographer's daughter not being able to take pictures. That is a phrase, right? It's not just something my family made up? We had a phrase that I found out was inspired by my oldest brother getting lost and trying to relay his adventure to my parents. Apparently the story went on and on about all the twists and turns that he took, until finally one of my parents said 
"You lost me in American Village!" 
Well that became the thing to say when someone was prattling on in a roundabout way, (not that it was EVER used towards me!) and I, being the youngest and not around at it's origin, thought that it was a common saying that everyone used. Like, "It's raining cats and dogs!" or 
"Quit beating around the bush!" or
"You're killing me, Smalls!"
Until the day that I actually USED it in public, and discovered that no, no, not everyone knew this phrase. Not ANYONE knew this phrase! I tried to play it off, like my friends were just uneducated, and terribly pedestrian, and ran home to inform my Mother that no one seemed to know what I was talking about. That's when I got the explanation. Kind of seems like the sort of thing you'd mention to a kid before she put herself in that position, but I can see how you might just not think of it. 
So anyhow, that's just like birds. And bird swaps. With people who make much better birds than you. Isn't that what we were talking about? Gawd, try to keep up. 


Bird Watch... Day Two

Ok, so here's the second try. I got the pattern from Spool, and just fell in love with the bird mobile shown! I may have to make one of my own, it's so darn cute. And the thing is, I don't even like birds all that much. I know, I know, all God's creatures and all that, but I have to admit that they kind of freak me out. They look like they should have arms when they're hopping around on the ground. Why don't they have arms? Wouldn't their little bird lives be a lot easier if they had arms? And don't get me started on the GIANT crows that follow me throught the parking lot. That's just not right. Of course, if I suddenly had flamingos flocking outside my window at work, that would be another story.  I try to like birds, my friend Lisa loves birds, and my Mother thought it was her calling to feed them in all weather conditions. Those birds gave her a lot of happiness, and for that I can try to get along with them. But seriously, you just KNOW that they're waiting for the chance to peck your eyes out. So anyhoo, here's Bird Number Dos...

And not a dolphin in sight. I shall call him Wilbur. He's kind of parakeet-ish, doncha think? I do like the chest part, and he went together pretty easily. All in all, I think I like him. You know, as long as he doesn't try to peck my eyes out. I have one more pattern that I'm going to try, and then we'll see who makes the cut for BIRDS OF CHANGE - 2009! 
You know, now that I look at the first picture again, (and once more, I'm sorry for my horrible pictures. I don't know why I can't ever take a decent picture!) But if you look at that first picture, riiiiight in front of Wilbur's head.... do you see it? 
Is it... is it........a...... face?  Creeeeepy... 
(Twilight Zone Music...)


Bird Swap!

So one of my favorite bloggers, Creative Kismet is hosting a bird swap! It's called "Birds of Change Exchange"
3157741102.jpg And I thought "Hey! I can do that! I can make THAT much of a commitment!" So I signed up. If you know anything about me and my commitment-phobia, you'd know that I threw up as soon as I hit Send. But I can do this! I can. So this morning I was off to make the perfect bird. I wanted a more three dimentional bird, so that meant a chest piece. So I drew out a pattern, and sewed up a little prototype out of this cheap blue fabric that I have tons of. It's my version of Project Runway's plain muslin. And here he is. The first draft, so to speak. I didn't worry about a head yet. 
And here's his little chest piece...
His tail is waaaaay too long. And I don't like the shape.
But if you flip him upside down... he's a dolphin! 
Holy smokes! I made a dolphin! Who knew? Now I just have to find a dolphin swap and I'm in!