I don't have much to blog lately. I've been very busy with the wedding. That's a statement that would have made my Mother sit up and begin the inquisition, but no, I'm officiating at the wedding of a friend, and I've also become the ipso facto wedding planner. I've just always wanted to use the phrase 'ipso facto', but I'm not entirely sure I'm using it correctly. But, ipso facto, there we are. So in an attempt to keep you interested, and so that you don't delete me from your blog list, here are some random pictures.
 First, my jelly rolls in the works.
EEEE!!! I love those jelly rolls!!! 
And this is my Ikea cabinet that is mounted to the wall next to my sewing machine.
What's in those drawers, you ask? Well, they are surprisingly organized. That missing drawer holds my safety pins and is currently in the back seat of my car waiting to baste some works in progress. I have one with specialty threads. One with die cut heart shapes. This one with donuts and beads for my embellished notebook covers.
And this one with the most commonly used feet and throat plates. I see some needles in there that should be in the needle drawer... hang on while I go fix that.
Thanks for waiting. Why are my pictures so yellow? I hate that. This is an apple slice garland that I bought for $4 years ago. It hangs over my sewing machine table. I just love it, even though it has "sugar" on it in the form of tiny, tiny beads that are prone to falling off. 
Here's some of my quilting books...
And this picture just DOES NOT DO THIS JUSTICE! This is some antique Japanese Kimono silk that was my Mothers. It's the most beautiful ice blue and it has a faint floral pattern. Now, this is all I ever saw of this fabric, since naturally my Mother wasn't inclined to let her little girl play with it, so this is what I thought it looked like. And it's beautiful. It really is.  
But IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I opened it up and found out that the beautiful fabric that I had seen all these years was actually THE WRONG SIDE OF THE FABRIC!!! The RIGHT side is so unbelievable gorgeous, you just would fall over if you saw it. Fall right over. Boom. It's that gorgeous. I am going to take photography classes just so I can capture this beauty correctly. Or else send me an email and I will mail it to you so you can marvel in person. 
That's all I've got for now! Da Puppers is telling me that it's dinner time, in her sweet, delicate way, by chewing on my ankles. Must... Feed... Pup...