Hellllllllo August!

Where did July go?
I swear, I'm going to blink and be 95. I have no idea how the time gets away from me so easily.
July was filled with working and vacationing, and searching for the perfect fish tacos, and camping and napping and panic attacks and a small bit of sewing and cleaning and movie watching and lunching on the wharf and more work.
This is one of the only pictures I took while camping in Pismo Beach, showing just how cold it was the whole time we were there.
And this is a Christmas quilt I'm making for my sister-in-law (I don't think she reads my blog...) from the Old Red Barn Co quilt along.
I'm not in love with it yet. It's made with "At Home for the Holidays" fabric, which I think will suit my SIL just fine. I deliberately don't have any red pieces on the outside edges so that I can add on a red border and then maybe a piano key border of all the leftover fabrics. I'm not sure though, it's pretty big already. I'd like to find a nice flannel for the back, without spending a fortune. Don't you hate when you get to the backing and it costs more than the whole top? Or maybe it just because we don't buy a giant four yard piece all at once. It's easier to ignore the cost if only see it in small bites.
"$2 for a fat quarter? I'll take five! $10 a yard? Ridiculous!"
The fabrics are nice though.
I added in a couple others just because.
I had to order one more yard for the border, and also a border for this quilt...
I've got it all pieced together now, and I'm waiting (searching? pining?) for inspiration for a border. I don't want to just slap a plain piece of fabric on it, but it should be something that reflects what's going on in the quilt. You know? You know? I know you know. This woman ruined me. I LOVED her quilt as it was, and then she went and added on the most amazing border!
Dang it! Always someone upping the ante!
Any ideas?