Pass On the Sewing Love...

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(Insert clever title here)

Ohhhhhhhh my bloggy friends!
My bliends!
My... ...frogs?
Where has the time gone?
I have nothing to share.
No, nothing.
Surely something.
No, nothing.
Not a thing?
Not a single thing.
Our computer has been eggy lately. Do other people say eggy? It means sort of crabby, I guess. When someone is acting sensitive, you just look at them and say
In a very "Duuuuude" kind of way.
Maybe it's a California thing.
But it's eggy. The monitor will go through these spasms, off, on, off, on...
I can't even check my farm on Facebook.
And we have some fires going on near us. Bonny Doon is on fire.
Yes, there were fires last year, and yes, this will probably not be the last, but it's still rather disconcerting.
It makes us all nervous.
We live in a forest, after all. We don't like to look out a window and see the sky turn orange. We don't like to see the enormous billows of smoke, so thick that you can convince yourself that it's just a fog bank, until you notice the brown tinge. And smell the smoke. You can smell the smoke for miles. See the ash for miles.
And at this point in time it's zero percent contained.
So we're nervous.
On edge.
So what's been going on?
I've started a signature quilt for my ex-boss. Just a sort of half snowball with signatures from everyone.
I only need 192 to make a passable size.
Ah Jeez.
What have I done?
I don't even KNOW 192 people!
So everything else has been put on a back burner until this is done. His going-away party will be at the beginning of October, so that's plenty of time.
Isn't it?
Oh, it's not.
Not much time at all.
I think I need a spa day.
Or something.
I'm feeling... drained.
Not replenished.
I'm snappy.
I need to refill my soul.
Does anyone know where I can find a replacement soul?