At Least I've Never Attacked a Rabbit With an Oar...

My name is Janice, and I have lusted in my heart.
I have wanted this fabric, "Flower Sugar" for over a year. When the Fat Quarter Shop sent me that email that it had finally arrived, I bought every single speck of it that very day. Love.
Love, love, love.It came out a while back, and I loved it then, but it had a weird stripe, and a multi-colored polka dot that I wasn't crazy about. Then they re-released it without the very prints that I didn't like!They read my mind.
So I have it all, and I can't wait to turn it into the most beautiful quilt ever. Something a little old fashioned, but still jaw dropping.
Isn't it gorgeous?
It's 40's fabulous. I'm thinking it might need a touch of black in there, to cut the sweetness.
We'll see.
And the following will only make sense if your name is Lisa.
See Lisa?How cool is that?
We're on our way, Sista!