Potpourri for $200 Alex...

Well, I had hoped to have a finished top to show you here, but if I wait until I'm done it'll be another month! I'm such a procrastinator. I should join a support group. Eh, maybe tomorrow.
I was on a roll, but then was sidelined with the need for this.
It hit me so suddenly; I felt perfectly fine right up until I didn't anymore.
But I'm feeling much better now, and have been slaving away on the batik quilt, like one of the Seven Dwarves, picking for gold. Were they looking for gold? They were miners, but what were they mining for? Hot babes to clean up their hovel, apparently.
But I digress.
So close!!
That white stripe through the center is where the two halves haven't been sewn together yet. I could go take better pictures, really, but once I got there I'd be distracted by bright and shiny things, and The Office IS on right now, I'm sure I'd sit down "just for one minute!" and then I'd never make me way back, and you'd still be sitting on the edge of your seat wondering about this quilt top.
I can't do that to you.
If you've been playing along at home, you'll notice that I had to add a couple new fabrics. A couple bright greens, and a beautiful orange print.
It needed some ZING!
But not too much. We can't be Liza Minelli all the time. Even she takes off her make up and puts on some PJs occasionally.
So here's the fabric I chose for the setting triangles.
It's a light purpley flowerish batik. Yes, I DID want that thread there.
I took my gorgeous Goddaughter to the fabric store with me, where we laid out a stack of blocks in the middle of the floor and auditioned various choices.
I didn't think it wanted to be purple, but once we got there, it very clearly did.
I've got a choice between a bright green and a purple stripe for the first small border, and a very dark speckled fabric for an outer border.
Wait until you see it.
This is how I made the first part of the block. I didn't want to deal with little 1 1/2 inch strips, so I sewed two three inch pieces together on both sides, then hacked them in half.
I'm just lazy like that.
And I haven't shown you the pillowcase that I made for the Million Pillowcase March.
Ok, it's not a march. But that sounds better. Hmph.
My friend and I agreed to make pillowcases together, but this one came out wonky, so I'm keeping it. And her house(s) have been in and out of escrow, so she's a little behind too. But what's a deadline if you can't move it? They'll get made soon.
I do like my fabric choices though.
And then because this is a rather random post, here's me in a pink Lincoln.
'Cause that's how I roll.