Birds of Change - The Countdown Continues

Dang! Now that I've seen my fellow bird swappers work on the Flickr group, I'm feeling a little intimidated! Well, that and because it dawned on me that the deadline to give away a bird on my blog was the 20th, and that's like... soon. They're not quite finished yet! I mean, I have the basic idea, and the basic feel of them, but they don't have the accessories that will give them their personalities yet. They haven't had their final polish, so to speak. Their final feather combing. The last preening. Was that a James Bond movie? So here's some pictures of something similar to something that might be close to what you MIGHT get if you win the give-away on Tuesday. Assuming you want one. Assuming you enter. I might be assuming a lot.
Birdtastic! It's birdarific! It's chock full of Cardinally goodness! And you know what they say about the cobbler's children having no shoes? Well it's the same for the photographer's daughter not being able to take pictures. That is a phrase, right? It's not just something my family made up? We had a phrase that I found out was inspired by my oldest brother getting lost and trying to relay his adventure to my parents. Apparently the story went on and on about all the twists and turns that he took, until finally one of my parents said 
"You lost me in American Village!" 
Well that became the thing to say when someone was prattling on in a roundabout way, (not that it was EVER used towards me!) and I, being the youngest and not around at it's origin, thought that it was a common saying that everyone used. Like, "It's raining cats and dogs!" or 
"Quit beating around the bush!" or
"You're killing me, Smalls!"
Until the day that I actually USED it in public, and discovered that no, no, not everyone knew this phrase. Not ANYONE knew this phrase! I tried to play it off, like my friends were just uneducated, and terribly pedestrian, and ran home to inform my Mother that no one seemed to know what I was talking about. That's when I got the explanation. Kind of seems like the sort of thing you'd mention to a kid before she put herself in that position, but I can see how you might just not think of it. 
So anyhow, that's just like birds. And bird swaps. With people who make much better birds than you. Isn't that what we were talking about? Gawd, try to keep up. 

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shabby girl said...

I LOVE THOSE BIRDS! I LOVE THOSE BIRDS! I LOVE THOSE BIRDS! Truly, they don't need accessories! They are so darned cute, full of whimsey and humor all on their own!
You didn't lose me in Am. Village. Whoever gets that bird will absolutely love it! Guaranteed!