Bird Swap!

So one of my favorite bloggers, Creative Kismet is hosting a bird swap! It's called "Birds of Change Exchange"
3157741102.jpg And I thought "Hey! I can do that! I can make THAT much of a commitment!" So I signed up. If you know anything about me and my commitment-phobia, you'd know that I threw up as soon as I hit Send. But I can do this! I can. So this morning I was off to make the perfect bird. I wanted a more three dimentional bird, so that meant a chest piece. So I drew out a pattern, and sewed up a little prototype out of this cheap blue fabric that I have tons of. It's my version of Project Runway's plain muslin. And here he is. The first draft, so to speak. I didn't worry about a head yet. 
And here's his little chest piece...
His tail is waaaaay too long. And I don't like the shape.
But if you flip him upside down... he's a dolphin! 
Holy smokes! I made a dolphin! Who knew? Now I just have to find a dolphin swap and I'm in! 


shabby girl said...

Yea you!!! They will be beautiful, I'm sure!!!
I, too, am working on something that MIGHT be able to be a bird. I need to make sure first though before I sign up. Don't know that I'll have the time to get it all done.
Thank you for blogging again. More is more....

The6ofusinca said...

You have been a busy busy girl! Glad your back to blog'n again sista!