Sew Fun 2

I forgot to tell you my exciting news!
I joined a quilting bee!
Sew Fun 2, and here's the first block, for Alice.
She sent this group of fabrics, and instructions for wonkiness and no triangles.
I love that bird fabric!
I tried to frame it out, and then I used every single scrap of fabric that I had.
I can't wait for the next month!
My month is March of next year, I hope I have an idea by then. Right now I'm thinking, (and understand it's a year away. My mind changes every fifteen minutes) that I'll do a Halloween quilt. Because I hate Halloween, but I have a goal to make a quilt for every holiday. So that would take care of that goal, without me having to go all Halloween! Clever, no?
We'll see.
I have some quilts (three!) coming back from my fabulous long arm quilter this week, and I'm so excited to see them. Oh yeah, and bind them too, but whatever. I'm not focusing on that part.
I'll show you some pictures when they come!


shabby girl said...

THat would totally take care of that goal!!!! And, yes, ever so cleever!
Man! I miss you!!! I love the bird fabric, too!!! You're amazing my wonderful friend!!!!!

Erin said...

Its gorgeous - cant wait to see your quilted quilts! :)

Leslie said...

this is a really pretty block.