And Another Thing...

What's new? It's been a while, here's what I've been up to.
I made some pillows, that match a quilt made with "Fandango" that a friend made.
I made some Bee blocks, here's September, based on "Map of the States" by Oh Fransson.
I love the screen printed bird fabric that Lauree sent!
And here's a house block that Heather requested.
Houses are hard!
I have been humbled by the house block. They are definitely harder than they look. This is about my sixth attempt. There were a lot of remodels before the final result.
She wanted bright, and I would absolutely live in a hot pink house. With a flower petal roof. And a pink flamingo in the yard.
Who wouldn't?
What else? I saw Kathy Griffin.
She's a tiny little pocket person, and never took a breath the whole time she was on stage.
And I went to the Pacific International Quilt Festival with my dear, dear friend.
I fell in love with this one, by Carol Taylor.
I seem to remember falling in love with another of her quilts last year at the show. I think I might be in love with Carol Taylor. I just Googled her and found out that she's going to be teaching locally in January. I need to take me some classes! I don't think it's stalking if you pay to see someone, right?
I didn't catch who made this quilt, but it's awe inspiring.
I can't begin to imagine how someone made it.
My brain doesn't work that way.
And what else?
I finished the binding on the Sultry quilt.
And I started a triangle quilt out of Origins.
I love me some Origins. It looks really yellow in this picture, but it is a yellow background, so maybe it's closer than I think.
I used the very scientific "SIAH" process to pick the background of Bella Butter fabric; Stuff I Already Had. I think it works.
You'd think I'd have more things to share, it's been so long, but I don't. I'm a pretty boring person at heart. I watch a lot of TV, I try to make my dog snuggle with me, I work full time. Today IS the Sweet Baboo's birthday though, THAT'S exciting! We're meeting friends at a Fondue restaurant tonight. Should be tons of fun.
I'll let you know.


shabby girl said...

There you are Peter! Love the pillows, love the birds. LOVE the HOUSE!!! So glad you're back!
Happy Birthday Baboo (along with everyone else!).
The quilt show was FUN, and I agree the coffee table scene was extraordinary!!!
See you on the porch!!!

Allyson said...

So much good stuff in this post! Love the pillows. That quilt with the blue background and the vase of flowers....WOW. My eyes bugged out when I looked at it. Amazing.

I've been eyeing Origins lately also. Our LQS has the whole line and it looks so bright and cheery sitting there on the shelf.