Quilts and Flamingos and More and More...

Ok, so I went with the happy little flamingos. To match my flamingo tattoo. My sweet baboo says that if we were to move to Florida, he would get a tatoo of a clam, and we would call ourselves "Flammy and Clammy". How sweet is that? So here is the flamingo quilt to date...
Not a great picture, but you get the idea.  I'm going to piece all the festive scraps and add a border all around, then see where it wants to go from there. I think it's going to be cute. 
And here's some other pictures; I'm making a crazy quilt, and here are some of the seams. You gotta have a lot of embellishments, doncha know. Cover them seams up.
And every crazy quilt needs a spider. You know, for good luck.
AND ANOTHER THING! It's been a productive weelend! I ALSO made some baby bibs with matching burp cloths, AND a new notebook cover, WITH A CLOSURE! Well, sort of. I have a problem with velcro, snaps and the like. But I'm sure it'll eventually have some sort of... let's be honest. It'll be velcro. But velcro is good! Who doesn't like velcro? Call it a prototype. I'll have to show you pictures later, since the blog-o-matic seems to be on the fritz.  If that's the case I also made a time machine and rescued a baby wombat, and made a seven layer cake with seven minute frosting. What? Prove that I didn't. 
But I DO wish I could show you how beautiful Princess Pep looks with her new haircut. Trust me, you would weep from her beauty. Just weep.

Ciao for now! 

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The6ofusinca said...

I love you, it's about time I can comment sista!!!