If You Try To Pin A Pisces Down... We Just Swim Away...

So I have this friend. 
I do!
She's the most wonderful person you could ever want to meet. When we were little girls writing in our diaries with different colored pens, she was the friend we all wished for. I wish I had a picture of her, but I don't, so I'll just give you the link to her blog instead. You'll learn more about her by reading her eloquent words than looking at her face anyway, although it is quite the beautiful face.
We met at work, and became friends when the Princess came to live with me, and Miss Shata came to live with her. We would swap dog stories,
 and commiserate with each other when our little friends did incomprehensible things. 
We were dog moms together. 
Then she left and went on to work in other places, but we stayed in touch. We would lunch together, and antique shop together, and compare projects that we were working on. We had some truly wonderful times, just some of the best in my life. It's starting to sound like she's passed on, so let me assure you that she is alive and well and kicking (kickboxing) in Arizona. 
I bring her up because today is her birthday! 
We always used to have a thing, because it would be my birthday, then one week later another girl we know, then one week after that, it's Lisa's birthday! We're co-Pisces's  together, warm and wonderful and funny and kind. Ok, I made that up, I'm not sure if those are particularly Pisces traits, but they are traits that she has.
 If you met her; if you were lucky enough to meet her, you would be impressed by her aura of calm. She always seems to have this bubble of peace around her. I know her brain is tied up in all the anxieties we all have, but you wouldn't know it by looking at her. There's only a couple of people that I've met who have this, (not me, certainly). One is Lisa, and another is my Father. No matter what was going on around, he always gave you the impression that you had his undivided attention, that nothing could be more important than what you were doing right then. Lisa has that. I was at her house once, when her son came in and breathlessly explained that he and his friend wanted to bike down to the park, and they wouldn't be gone long, and they were going to meet friends that everyone knew, and it would all be perfectly safe and can we go? 
Lisa gazed at him for a long moment, and then replied... 
I was blown away! You see, I had witnessed this reaction at work, when people jumped her with those all important at-least-right-now situations, but I had attributed it to her being the supervisor, and thought it was some sort of technique that she had learned in some "Who ate my cheese" sort of class. But no! It was just her! Purely Lisa. In her bubble of calm. A ship on the ocean, but not influenced by the force of the waves. She has always seemed to know her course, and stays on it. True to herself. Authentic. And isn't that what we all wish for? 
Happy Birthday Lisa. 
I love you so.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

What a wonderful birthday tribute!

shabby girl said...

I have never had anyone say such nice things about me. Ever. Thank you my friend!
And for anyone else who happens to read it, you could just as easily insert her name to all of these attributes as well.