Is There A Support Group?

Hello. My name is Janice... and I'm addicted to sewing. 
I just can't stop! It's all I want to do! And usually, when I'm work, all I want to do is go home and sew, but once I GET home, all I want to do is watch TV. Project Runway, Top Chef, Make Me A Supermodel. Anything where I have absolutely no expertise, but can be completely judgemental. I'll be laid out on the couch, covered in stray popcorn, saying things like "I knew that Trout Almandine wouldn't get him to the finals." Or "She lost her neck in that pose, what was she thinking?" 
But instead, I've been sewing up a proverbial storm! I'm on a roll lately, and I'm not complaining! I have gotten so much done in the past couple of weeks. Is 'gotten' a word? I use it when I'm talking, but I never like to write it out. Let's see what Spellcheck thinks of it... 
Nope. I guess we're good. Or else I'm using the ghetto version of spellcheck.
Let's see if it has a problem with hootchie mama. Ok, it wants me to change that to hootch mama. All right, I done gotten a lot of sewing done! 
Let's take a look, shall we?
I finished the binding on the "I-Spy" quilt for little Baby Reese! Sure, Baby Reese is probably like twelve now. Don't judge me. I have commitment issues. I have problems finishing things. I have an active, busy lifestyle. Now I sound like a Pepto commercial. 
Auditioned a few different choices for binding, but this multi colored flame pattern won out by two votes. Mine and Sweet Baboo's. Pepper abstained. She has issues too. 
You remember what it looks like, don't you? It looks like this.
 Only with a multi colored flame binding. Whew! Cross one thing off the list! Woo hoo! Crack the champagne! Or, you know, the sparkling cider, since I gave up drinking for Lent. What was I thinking? This had better get me into heaven, that's all I gotta say. Or at least some karma points. In case I rob a bank or something. Then I die in a shoot out with police, and when I show up at the gates, Saint Peter's all, what are you doing here? and I'm all Dude! I gave up drinking! FOR FORTY DAYS! Let me in! And then he'd just open the gate and hand me a frosty glass of something. 
Ahhhh... Heaven tastes delicious!


shabby girl said...

Oh my God! You make me laugh!!!! I'll respond normally later...
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHASHA, wait, where the hell did the S come from? I, obviously, have not stopped drinking!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I bet it makes you lots of kharma. If you rob a bank, I will visit you and bake you a cake with a file in it.

ssshhhhhh...don't tell!