Here comes da bride...

WHAAAAT?!? A Non-Quilting post?
It could happen.
And I suppose it should every now and then.
So my friend and I went to the Bridal Expo a week or two ago, and I tried out my new camera! It's no secret that I hated my old camera. HATED IT! With an active sort of hatred that really should be reserved for nazis or people who park in handicapped spots, but no. I hate my camera just that much.
But no longer!
I now have a Canon PowerShot and it is da bom. Or, would be, if kids still said that. Which they don't. But it is. Really.
Check out these pics!
Don't you love this background? I so want to do this. Not for any particular occasion. Just for, you know, like a Tuesday.
It was at the Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz. Notice the glass ceiling please. When it gets hot, they can open it up.
I love the Cocoanut Grove.
Do you like your roses with a little bling?
But check out the handle! (Handle? Stems?)
Karyn? Here's your wedding cake! Isn't it gorgeous?
Here's the thing I fell in love with. In love. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.
Love. It.
Loved it so much that I took it home with me. The florist was a friend of my friend's, and we loitered until closing so that she would give it to us. Then my friend gave it to me, because she's a totally awesome, generous person, but also because I was licking it and petting it and wouldn't let go of the leaves.
I'm subtle like that.
The same florist made this woodsy beauty. I fell so much in love with the succulents in the arrangements that I went out and bought a couple and potted them. They're on my window sill at work.
This one too! EEE!!! (swoon!) Really, that's the one I'd have for my wedding.
I really liked this one too. You think I might have something for bright colors? Hmm.
These glowing 'coffee tables'??
Yeah, I could make those. Those are awesome.
And this chair? What does this chair have to do with anything?
It was in the bathroom.
I just loved it.
Thanks for coming along! I wish you could have tasted the cakes too!


shabby girl said...

I think you took home the very best thing!
BTW, did you know that I voiced the commercial for the Bridal Expo? He he he.

Magpie Sue said...

Okay, kudos to the florist for even thinking of combining succulents with roses in a bouquet. And it works! Fabulous!

Love that chair.

I also love my Canon PowerShot, although I didn't know that's what it was until I looked just now!