Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon...

Here's that baby quilt I told you about.
With the "Wheels" fabric? By Riley Blake?
So this is what I decided on.
Yes, those two oranges in the middle of the third row irritate me. Not enough to rip them out, but enough to make me twitch a little.
Just a little.
Here's the back.
If I sound "meh" about it, it's because I am. Not the back. I like the back. But the front is just sort of... sort of... meh.
I auditioned borders, and sashing, in all sorts of colors and sizes.
Nothing worked, so I've decided no border. No sashing.
I hope the baby likes it more than I do.
But then I started something that I like much better!
Remember me telling you about "FabFanatic"?
I love them, I really do. So I thought I'd mix all the fabrics they've sent me into one quilt to celebrate.
I picked the "Posh" pattern from Moda fabrics.
Just something that would showcase large pieces. And after that red and white beast, something quick and easy sounded good too.
The design wall (flannel backed Christmas tablecloth, bought on clearance and stapled to the wall next to my bed) isn't big enough to hold the whole thing, so I'll have to put it up in sections.
But I'm out of white fabric now, so I think it's time for a movie and some popcorn.
It's a good way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.
The Pup agrees.


Leslie said...

i am like you...two of the same together would make me a little nuts. but really it is beautiful and a gift like this is always well received and loved. this second quilt that you are working on is so pretty...it is going to be amazing

shabby girl said...

i think that baby quilt is so cute! They will love it!
The new one is refreshing tho. Simple, easy to look at; I like it!