I Say Happy - You Say Birthday! Happy! ---

Nah nah nah nah nah nah na na...
You say it's my birthday!
Nah nah nah nah nah nah na na...
It's my birthday too, yeah!
I had such a wonderful birthday weekend!
Good food, good friends, tonight is kinda special. Or something like that.
Look what the Sweet Baboo got me!
It's new, it's clean, it's not burned, or shredded, and it's BIG!
My old one was soooo beyond help.
It's been my main workspace for like, seriously, 15 years. I love it, it works perfectly for me.
But after that long, it was showing it's age.
(Thank goodness I'M not!)
The pressing side was burned, and disintegrating. I had covered it with a piece of fabric that I had pinned all around. But I could have probably lived with that, but lately the cutting mat side had given up on me.
It was so worn, when I tried to cut - the blade would just push the fabric into the grooves and not cut through.
I loved my old one!
But THIS baby... THIS!
This is HUGE!
My old one was 12" by 18".
This new one is 17" by 23"!
Have I mentioned that I love it?
So I spent a lot of time this weekend reorganizing my whole sewing cave to accommodate it, and then finished sewing this together.
Yes, it is hanging sideways on the wall. It's just that big. I'll take better pictures when I have light.
So... yeah! Yesterday was my birthday. I had a really good time. I'm spoiled. And old.
Have I left anything out?


shabby girl said...

Baboo's da man!!! I LOVE the new quilt! It's so clean and fresh looking! Easy on the eyes....mmmmm.

Leslie said...

happy birthday...those are some pretty wonderful gifts.

Pokey said...

Birthday Blessings, and some great gifts too! Don't you look set for some fun creating! I really like your new rectangle quilt. The colors are so soft and inviting.