Spring's Busting Out All Over!

I couldn't believe we actually had a sunny day, so I made the Sweet Baboo hang up this Fabfanatic homage for pictures.
Why did it look so huge in the sewing cave?
It's not that big. It's probably...75" x 56".
How strange.
Apparently it shrunk in the dark.
If you're wondering why it looks like it's hanging weird, it's because it is. I hung it on it's side to keep it out of the dirt.
This is what it really looked like.
If you're wondering why I didn't iron it, it's because I'm just that lazy.
And I finished with this baby quilt too.
And the back...
And I used my fancy tags!
Sure, some people, when ordering custom tags, would have ordered something beige. Or taupe. Something that would go with everything.
I ordered black, with hot pink writing.
You know, goes with everything.
I made a little ensemble, with a matching bib and two burp cloths, but I didn't get pictures before wrapping them up pretty.
You'll have to take my word for them.
Or you could ask Princess Petunia.
She shed a few hairs on them.
She wouldn't pose for pictures either.


shabby girl said...

I'm standing up, jumping, and clapping!!! You are on a ROLL!!! I'm so proud of you! LOVE your spring quilt! I can just feel the breeze brushing along the rectangles!

Janice said...

Oh, you've no idea! I finished the backings for TWO, count em', TWO other quilts! They're off to the long armer!

Allyson said...

Love the first quilt, the springy one. Fresh and airy looking.

Leslie said...

both of these are beautiful...the second one is adorable.

The6ofusinca said...

woooooow! You rock! They are beauuuuutiful!!!! and so is Miss Peppa!


Sophie said...

I don't know who "Shabby Girl" is but I totally and completely agree with her. These are stunning! I l-o-v-e them! Super job!