Like the Mona Lisa in Fabric...

Drum roll please!
Boy, I am on such a roll with the blogging these days.
What WILL I talk about tomorrow?
So this is the Sultry Braid Quilt.
It started as a kit, but then expanded and expanded into the beautiful quilt it is today.
Its big, pretty much bed sized.
Look at the amazing job my quilter did.
Look at those feathers!
Look at the 'ribbon candy' in that pink border!
I can't stand it.
She said while she was quilting the borders, (amazing!) she kept thinking "big floppy bunny ears... big floppy bunny ears..." because we didn't want, as she put it, the "quilted to death" look.
I love it.
Absolutely love it.
I have a stripe fabric for the binding, but now I really want a dark brown binding.
A frame.
For a work of art.
'Cause that's what it is.
I'm so in love.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You should be in love! That is wonderful!

Leslie said...

i think i am so in love. this is amazing....the pattern is gorgeous and your quilter did stunning work. i love the candy in the pink border. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!

shabby girl said...

Oh. My. God! Oh yes!

Remember in the movie "when harry met sally" and she's all faking her badabing?
That's what I'm doing, except I'm not faking!

Both of you are exceptional!

The6ofusinca said...

I love it! Love the colors! Great job sister!

jaybird said...

congrats on a great finish! my quilt from this same pattern is still just a top... maybe i quilt it one day!