The Best Mail Ever!

The new phone books are here!
I received two, TWO quilts back from my fabulous long armer this week!Here they are spilling out of the box. How does she get them in there? Once I pull them out they seem to expand, and they're never going back in.
You might recognize the Sweet Baboo's Guitar Hero quilt!It's beautiful, and soft and drapey.
She quilted it with this star pattern, because he's such a SUPERSTAR!
I might like the back even more than the front... I'll have better pictures after I get the bindings on.
And here's Atreyu, the never ending quilt!I think I'll change her name to Cherry Pie, because she's quilted with an adorable cherry pattern. I worried that the cherry pattern wasn't going to be as cute as I pictured in my head.
I have buyer's remorse over most decisions in my life. We'll talk about my commitment phobia at another time.
But I love it!
I just love it!
I do wish I hadn't cheaped out on the backing, because it's a polka dot flannel but it feels really stiff.
Oh well, live and learn.
It'll look fantastic hanging on my wall for Valentine's Day!

What's next?


Anonymous said...

Oh I love them both! And the quilting detail is so much fun!

Allyson said...

Love Love LOVE your red and white snowball quilt! Beautiful!