What to do... What to do...

January was Krista's month in our quilting bee. She sent out an eclectic group of fabrics and requested wonky liberated log cabins.
This is what I'm sending her! It's not as easy as you might think to do random, wonky piecing. I tend to over- think things. My OCD comes back in spades.
She's going to be cutting them up into quarters, bento box style, like this:
That should make for a very colorful quilt!
So that means that we have February, which is Skye's month, and then MINE!!!
My month is March!
Woo hoo!
I'm having the hardest time deciding what to have my hivemates make for me.
Again, I might be over-thinking it.
I'm definitely thinking about making a Day of the Dead quilt.
Because I have a plan to have quilts for every holiday, but I hate Halloween.
That makes sense, right?
So you see, I'd never make a Halloween quilt on my own, in fact I don't even really want to own a Halloween quilt. But a Day of the Dead quilt?
That's a different kettle of fish.
So I can get D of the D fabric easily enough, but what pattern?
There's the pickle.
I might be hungry, I'm talking a lot of food suddenly.
I could go with a liberated star...Or maybe a string quilt?I have less than a month to decide!

Any advice?

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shabby girl said...

Ooo, I really like the string quilt. That's my vote. :)
Look at you posting again! I've missed you over here!