Zippers Are a Gateway Drug

Is this how it starts?
I've called myself a quilter for so long, and whenever someone says "Oh! You sew?" with that gleam in their eye that tells you that they're about to ask you for the most complicated dress/shirt/pants, I'm quick to correct them.
No! I don't SEW. I sew straight lines, putting straight pieces of fabric together.
I'm a quilter.
But my friend asked me for some pillow cases to match what she already had, so I made her some pillow cases.
And I was hooked.
Then my daughter-in-law got a Nook for Christmas, and needed a case for it.
So what's a girl to do?
I made her a case.
With, are you sitting down? With a ZIPPER!
Thaaaat's right.
Then I became OBSESSED with zipper
Everything must have zippers!
I made a case with a zipper that went around the corner.
Yeah, it wasn't good.
Then I started with the bags.My friend Lisa and I bought this fabric to make totes and bags and coin purses and such.And damned if that leftover pillow fabric didn't match perfectly!
So yeah, it's a strange size, and it definitely isn't my best work, but check out those box corners! Yeah, Baby.
That's sexy!


shabby girl said...

LOVE IT!!! It does make up into a cute bag, doesn't it? YES, it does! I like the darker fabric on the bottom too, kind of finishes it off.
Proud of you! You'll probably have all kinds of orders for those little bags now!

shabby girl said...

Uh, Etsy? Just sayin'...

The6ofusinca said...


ButtonMad said...

Beautiful fabrics and great bags..

Ullan tilkut said...

Hi! I love the bag!!!
Have a nice day!