Hidden Blessings

Isn't life funny?
I had a half day off last Friday. I had plans to lock myself away in my sewing cave and not come out.
Right up until the point that my beautiful Princess Baby Dog was hit by a car.
She's ok, at least she will be eventually. Let me assure you of that before we go any further.
She's bruised and sore, but nothing's broken or ruptured.
Not even her spirit.
I'll spare you the details of the trip to the vet. The worry, the tension, the crying.
She was such a good dog. The best. She just looked in my eyes the whole time we were there. We just stared at each other as I murmured reassurances to her that everything would be ok.
And it was.
The hard part has been leaving her alone since she's come home. You can tell she's in pain. She's slow to get up, slow to lie down. Sweet Baboo has built ramps for her so she can get out to do her bizness with dignity. What a man. I know there are people who believe that their dog is just a sort of outdoor decoration. Tie her to a tree and throw some food at her occasionally. My heart is overflowed with gratitude that my Sweet Baboo isn't one of them. Right now I'm typing this standing up, balancing the keyboard on the back of a chair because she's lying in my way and I don't have the heart to move her. I just want to pick her up and squeeze her. Rub her all over. Hug her and not let go.
That's the hard part.
We went from gazing lovingly into each other's eyes to not being able to snuggle like usual.
My poor sweet baby.
She's such a trooper.
I'm sure this blog will be littered with lessons learned from Miss Pep in her hour of tribulation from now on. But my leg is cramping up from the strange position I'm in, so let me just share what I did while she was sleeping through her narcotics.
I couldn't leave her alone, so I did some hand work.
I have these hexagons.
There are tons of websites dedicated to people who are addicted to hexagons.
I don't think I'll be joining them any time soon.
For one thing, I've had these hexagons for years. YEARS! And this is as far as I've ever gotten.
First, my schwanky carrying case...
Oh yeah, you're impressed now, aren't you?
I'm guessing that I meant for it to be all batiks.
So I don't know what that polka dot is doing there. (and for my polka dot resistant friend: I'm sorry. I tried to crop it out.)
Now I'm wondering if I should put them all butted up against each other, or have a spacer of black in between each "flower".
This is the template I'm using. Or rather, set of templates. They're really easy. If you're interested in starting a hexagon project to last the rest of your life, I highly recommend them.
It goes a little sumpin like this.
If you're into that sort of thing.
Maybe now that Princess Petunia is starting to get around better, I can someday get back to the sewing cave for some real work.
No rush, Pup.
No rush.
You take all the time in the world.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am SO glad that she is okay! Just love on her. You have all the time in the world.

shabby girl said...

I know that was such a hard, tramatic day for you! I'm sure she's lovin' the extra attention, and the extra snacks! Give her a anuggle from me!
I love your new skin! It's so soft looking, the colors and even the P. D. just work!
I'm thinkin' you should go ahead with the hexagons. You have another 40 or 50 years to work on it!

Magpie Sue said...

Ouch! I held my breath until I read that the Princess was going to be okay. And you sure did get a good man! Not very many would build a ramp for his wife's dog. Their own huntin' dog, maybe, but the wife's dog? Not likely!

Have fun with those hexagons - you can HAVE them! (Isn't it funny how some kinds of handwork really appeal while others hold no appeal whatsoever?)

The6ofusinca said...

oooh my gosh! she looks simply beautiful laying down!!! lol! so snug and sweet!!!

Love the batik hexi's!!!!!
Hey, is that a new couch Princess Pep is laying on by the way?

Only if its Sunny said...
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Only if its Sunny said...

So glad that Ms Fluffy Butt is ok!
She is very cute!!!

Its funny that you have that name for her... at one point I had a roommate that had bought a dog and she was trying to think of a name...my suggestion was Fuzz Butt.
Ya...she didnt like it...but it was perfect...(and that was what I called him).