What time is it??

Where has the time gone? 
It gets away from you so fast, doesn't it? Sometimes the only way I know I'm falling behind is by looking at the trees or flowers. They don't seem to get caught up in their schedules. They don't care how many plans they have, how many parties they are invited to, or how many projects are on the back burner. They just grow. They grow with you or without you. They grow whether you're watching or not. They just do it. So since I don't have any pictures of new projects to show you, I thought I'd share some pictures of my friend's garden. Not MY garden, oh no. You don't want to see MY garden. Trust me. 
But THIS garden, now THIS garden is something to behold. It is quite simply: Beautiful.
This is the front yard.
Really! It is! Isn't that amazing? 
Let's go into the back, shall we? 

I love this. The trailing silvery leaves embracing the Buddha.
And a little whimsy.
These guys are easily five feet tall.
The Koi pond. 
Of course there's a Koi pond! 
Didn't you expect a Koi pond?
I just thought this was gorgeous.
And while I was driving the other day, I looked down to see this.
I should play the lottery! 
Hope you enjoyed the tour!
Imagine yourself there.

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Magpie Sue said...

Wow, that's some garden! Love the flamingo in the bird cage ;- )