Your Opinion is Appreciated...

So here's my quandry.
You see people selling quilt patterns that are nothing much more than a bunch of squares or triangles, or circles even. You see it all the time. And it can be a really cute quilt! So my question is; if I can look at that pattern and figure out how it's done, am I morally bound to still purchase the pattern?
I'm all for supporting people's efforts, and actually just this last week bought two very cute patterns. But some of these people act like they invented the square! You did not invent the square, lady! It was here way before you, and will be here long after you're gone.
But the quandry remains.
At what point am I ethically obligated to purchase the pattern? Or acknowledge the original? What if I wanted to sell it? What if I wanted to make MY version of a simple patchwork pattern?
Where is the line?
So anywhoo.
I got stuff in the mail!
I love getting stuff in the mail. Just love it.
So I bought this quilt kit for a braid quilt, made with Sultry fabric from Basic Grey. See? I could have figured it out. It's not complex. But I bought the kit.
(Ok, mostly for the fabric, and it was half off, but still)
And I was almost out of my most favoritest, go-to fabric from Kaffe Fasset, so imagine how thrilled I was to find it half off? (It's gone now, sorry!)
And again in a different colorway. In case you don't need the clashy brightness.
It's prettier than my picture is showing. Very soft.
And a quick update on the Princess, she's getting around SO MUCH BETTER than a week ago! Up and down stairs, up on the couch by herself, although you can the wheels turning as she works it out in her head. But she gets up there! She's such a trooper. Such a good dog. My sweet lil' baby.
So let me know what you think.
Until then, I'll be in the sewing cave.
Inventing a shape.

PS. What do you think of the background? My friend is highly POLKA DOT resistant, and there are just sooooo many POLKA DOTS out in the world! This is actually a fabric that I actually have. Actually.
PPPS. Nothing. I just wanted to use PPPS.


shabby girl said...

OKAY, first things first...Oh the sweet Pepper, we are so happy that you are well enough to leap with abandon the length of the floor to the couch!!! Go Pep!!!!
Secondly, you are absolutely correct. Just because something is made of squares does not mean that you cannot make something with squares...even if it looks "somewhat" similar to that other "thing". Case in point, I do so want to make you a name painting, however, am I to worry that it is too much like...you know who's? I have the same desire to make these things!!! Is that wrong? I wonder. Often.
Make your pattern, you will make it your own!
Thirdly, it's not "dots", per se, that I abhore, it's multi-colored P**** D*** that I cannot, and, will not, accept. CANNOT, AND WILL NOT. We will have that conversation, my bestest of friends!!!

Magpie Sue said...

Ah yes, THAT quandry. And THOSE people. I have been astonished at the things I have seen that purported to be "my own original design" when in fact they are merely versions of an old traditional pattern. Probably not even new versions. I tend to make what I can without benefit of buying anyone's patterns. I'm not one for following the rules very well either ;- ) At least, not when it comes to quilting!

Shear Delight said...

I think if you can figure out a pattern without buying it and you want to make it for yourself then go for it. If you want to call it your own design and sell it then it gets a little more difficult. If you are straight up copying it then it isn't your design (even if you don't think it's really their design either) but if it inspired you and you have changed or altered it to really make it your design then I think it's okay.

I don't like buying patterns much myself but sometimes they are sold not because the design itself is totally original but because someone went through the effort to figure out the fabric requirements and wrote clear instructions on how to complete it. Lots of crafters want that and it takes quite a bit of work to create.

jaybird said...

the sultry pattern is a free one... available for download on moda's site... where did you get the fabric 1/2 off? i need some more sultry!

Phyllis said...


I just found you through Cluck Cluck Sew.

I don't think there is anything wrong with making something yourself w/o purchasing the pattern. Especially if it's a really simple pattern like the squares with the dog in the middle. That's not even a pattern - just squares.

Besides, every artist or crafter takes other people's ideas and changes them a bit to make it their own.

Allison said...

If you can figure it out yourself then why not just make it without buying the pattern. I am guilty of it...a lot. The only patterns I own I was given for free. I've never copied exactly though, usually there is something I want to change here or there. :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a link! -Allison

Michelle said...

I have pondered this question many times myself, and I am not sure what the answer is. I feel that I should buy the pattern, but I normally do not. For the simpler patterns, I can figure it out myself, but I am not necessarily making it the same size or giving it the same borders. I use the idea and take it from there. I always wonder how chefs create receipes that they call their own when there are so many similar receipes out there. By the way, I love polka dots.