Like a Cool Breeze on a Summer's Day...

Ohhhhhhhhhh sigh.
I'm so tired. I was working in the sewing cave, minding my own business, putting needle to cloth, when I suddenly decided that I needed to clean and organize EVERYTHING. Do you ever have those moments? Where in an instant it all comes crashing down on you how incredibly disorganized you are? And how if you were just one of those a-place-for-everything kind of people then there would be no floods, no famine, no Michael Jackson memorial?
Me too.
So I cleaned.
I wish I was one of those people. I REALLY do! My problem is that it's not a question of putting things back where they belong, because nothing has a home. My sewing table is always stacked high with all my unfinished projects, so in order to work, I need to clean it off.
Every. Time.
And it's been a strange few days, where I kept running out of everything.
I put together the Sultry braid, but even though I separated all the different fabrics, and tried to keep an even mix all the way through, I somehow ended up short, so that the last few feet would be pretty much just one fabric.
Not cute.
When I found myself HATING this particular fabric, I decided to throw in the towel and buy an additional Jelly Roll.
It's what the quilt needed.
And I also ran out of Oh Cherry Oh fabric for the sure Cherry quilt. What the?
AND I ran out of thread. No kidding.
But I did manage to put some borders on the Metro Market quilt.
So cute, doncha think?
I love those chickens. And the beaters. Love! Now I just have to fix up a backing, and we're in the home stretch.
Do you have a friend? I mean, a FRIEND?
One of those "Don't know what I'd do without you" friends?
I do.
And look what she made me.
My crappy picture doesn't do it justice. It's soooooo adorable! It's such a creamsickle, summer day, flip flops and coconut oil picture!
She's got talent, this one.
You should go check her out. Tell her you'd buy one of these signs if she sold them in her Etsy store.
I would!


Magpie Sue said...

LOVE your Metro Market quilt! Those chickens are adorable - and so perfect a border :- )

shabby girl said...

I love those chickens too!
I'm glad you liked your plaque! You're wonderful!