Betcha Can't Sew Just One!

Do you like string quilts? I love string quilts. Like this one. And this one. Aaaand this one. And it doesn't have to be squares. Making them is like eating potato chips. Just one more block. Just ONE more block! Ok, now I have 1100 blocks. And I only needed 48 for this one! If you're not familiar, you cut some paper into the size you want, lay down strips or "strings" of fabric and sew and flip. The paper keeps you in the right shape, and stabilizes things while you're working.
So here is my blue and green string quilt. With, as my friend pointed out, Ninja stars.
I'm not sure about the stars now. What do you think? My theory was that it would break up all the green and blue, but now I think I find them kind of distracting. I do love blue and orange together though.
Yes, that's a chili pepper. And a dinosaur, and some bananas dancing in grass skirts. And a manatee.
I like to have surprises for people who get close. It's entirely from my stash. I thought I needed to whittle it down a bit, although I can't say it's made much of a dent. I love string quilts so much I'm thinking of a series of season string quilts. Greys and pastels for Winter. Bright yellow, orange and green for summer. Maybe mix it up with different patterns. Triangles? Rectangles? Have I mentioned that I love string quilts?
And from the back it looks like stained glass!
On someone's blog recently, (sorry! I don't remember who) I left a comment about paper piecing and how it was NO BIG DEAL to rip the paper out of the back at the end. HA! I said that, having not ripped any paper in a while.
I confess. It's a bitch. But it didn't take too long, and I just reminded myself of how much easier it made it to put it together.
Aww, da pup is snoring in her bed right now. It's the sweetest noise! Such a sweet, sweet girl.
Now to clean up the sewing cave and get on to the next one!


shabby girl said...

I LOVE THOSE ORANGE STARS IN THERE!!! Really, it's what makes it yours! It is beautiful! I'll have to go online to really figure out the string thing though!
Nite Miss Pep! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz......

Magpie Sue said...

I think the red-orange ninja stars keep the quilt from being too static. They add the punch that makes it interesting from a distance. I especially like that they're not all the same size.