Happy Campers

Happy Monday!
I've been on vacation, and had to sneak in just one more day.
You know how vacations need to be just the right length, right? Too short and you don't want to go back, too long and you NEVER want to go back?
Well I'm sure that tomorrow morning I will leap out of bed, happy to get back to work.
I'm just sure of it.
We just got back from "camping" at Pismo Beach.
I say "camping", because I'm not exactly a woodsy outdoorsy kind of gal, so I camp in a hotel.
With soft water! I couldn't rinse the shampoo out of my hair for anything! That's roughing it as far as I'm concerned. Oh the trauma.
This was a fun year, (we try to go every year, with the Sweet Baboo's family) because we took Princess Fluffernutter with us! We've always boarded her, or had a friend take care of her. This year she came with us!
Here she is, having commandeered the bedspread for her own.
She was SUCH A GOOD DOG! I admit, I was a little nervous about taking her. She isn't the most socialized pup in the world.
But I underestimated her.
She was the belle of the ball, with several people commenting on how well behaved she is. Let me tell you, she slept well when we got home! That was a lot of activity for a little couch potato. Lots of new smells, people to greet, walks, walks, walks. I couldn't have asked for anything better.
She does this strange thing, Anyone else have a dog who doesn't speak dog?
We were walking through the campgrounds, and over to one side there was a yellow lab who saw Pepper and went IN...SANE. Barking and barking and snarling and frothing. Insane!
And there walks little Miss Pep; completely oblivious to him. Ooo! Look at this leaf! Whoa, is that a napkin I need to investigate? La la la...
It's not the first time, it wasn't even the only time this trip! One of our friends had her little weinerdog with her, and she was howling and yipping to get at Pepper, but Pepper didn't seem to notice. I don't think she speaks dog. I think she thinks she's a tiny, furry human, and these barks and howls don't even register with her. Maybe that explains why other dogs seem to hate her so much. Hmm.
You'd think I'd have a ton of pictures, but no. I have literally, three. These three. Two blurry pup photos, and one of this eucalyptus tree that fascinated me.
Don't you see a quilt in there? I don't know if it was the colors or the pattern, but I thought it was beautiful.
So today is just unpacking and cleaning and organizing, but I might find a few minutes to reacquaint myself with my friend Pfaffey. He's hungry for some fabric!

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