If You Think I'm Sultry...

Whaaa? Three posts in three days?!?
I know. I'm as surprised as you.
Remember the Sultry quilt?
So I've been chugging along on it.
Chug, chug, chug...
So I have this idea. The instructions for the pattern call for cutting off the sides of the "braid" so they're straight and smooth. Easy to piece together.
But I have this idea.
I know, why do I always have to have ideas?
I have the idea to piece the jagged edges together. Like the far left side in this picture. Wouldn't that be cool?
That green and brown and pink section? At the top?
In theory, it should be simple. Sew one little 2 1/2 inch edge to the side of the bar next to it.
Pivot, repeat.
Simple, right?
Yeah, not so much. It's taken me a VERY LONG TIME to sew about 10 inches. Then I tried doing it by hand, and THAT wasn't any easier. The trick is that you have to land your needle exactly 1/4 of an inch from the edge of the next piece, then line up the next piece exactly 1/4 of an inch from that. Did that make sense?
Yeah, maybe that's the problem. It doesn't make sense to me either.
This is one of my favorite fabrics. I want a whole wardrobe out of it.
And before starting, I treated myself to a nice, new, sharp blade for the rotary cutter. Oh! It makes such a world of difference! It cuts like buttah!
Cuts without effort!
Even my hand! Without even trying!
(I'm fine.)
And then, as I'm reveling in my new found wicked sharpness...

I ran over a pin.
Now everything I cut is so NOT like buttah. Every cut I make is accompanied with a swear word or two. At the very least a growl.
Now everything must be cut twice.


shabby girl said...

Wow! here you are again! Yea! I winced at the brand spanking new blade cutting you! Yikes!

I like the idea of what you're doing with the fabric, but it would be wwaaayyyy too hard for me. But you can't help yourself.

larry7pokey said...

Murphy's Law, you only run over a pin with the brand NEW blade, not the old one you were about to change anyway....pokey : }

The6ofusinca said...


jaybird said...

i made this from nest.. and love it!.. my sultry jelly roll is still in one piece.. but i have a plan.. just need the time!