The DOG Lady! (I thought I was the dog lady?)

Ok now. Everyone got a cup of coffee? Tea? Everybody cozy and comfortable?
Here we go.
Her name is Linda Hibbert.
(Better pictures on her website)
I think she made half the quilts in the show.
The sign attached to her "Best In Show" quilt reads:
This quilt is about 40 feet long.
All dogs.
Have we met?
Do you know me?
I love dogs.
I mean...
I LOVE dogs.
More than most people.
Mmm... puppies...
Let's start with the Terriers, shall we?
I had to sing the song from "Best in Show" when I saw this one.

Too cute. Let's move on to the Non Sporting pups

Eee! Look at this little face!
They have little sparkly gemstones for eyes. It really makes them feel alive.
Yeah, I had pretty much lost it by now. I wanted to rip them down and roll in them. I wanted to go home and hug Miss Pep.
I wanted to adopt every dog in every shelter.
I know some people don't care for Chinese Crested dogs, but they would if they saw this guy! And look at that Chihuahua!
Did I forget to take close ups for these lil' guys?
Dang it.
Look at that Boxer! And that Mastiff at the bottom!
I swear, you could just feel his jowls.
Sorry, I was a little shaky by now. Ha! Just kidding, it was my crappy camera.
Look at this little girl! And she's black, like the Princess!

Awww... Isn't that amazing? Where does she find the time? How does she make the patterns? How long does it take her to pick out the fabric? And can I be her apprentice?
What? You're tired of dogs?
But ok, how about a turtle? A Sea Turtle.
A stunning Sea Turtle.
A "Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle"
by Cheryl Spalding of Portland Oregon.
It says "This quilt was designed from an original underwater photo using a reverse applique technique. The background fabric is hand dyed and it was free motion quilted on a long arm machine. It took over three years to complete."



Incredible. Just incredible.
I have no words.

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Magpie Sue said...

Hmm... could you and I split the AKC breed quilt up and share it? We might come to blows over the Sporting Group - I love the Setters! Of course, I have to have a Poodle too... and a Miniature Schnauzer... and...