Gnome Sweet Gnome...

I am not a joiner.
Never have been.
I think it's part of that "Not belonging to any club that would have me as a member" thing.
So why has my sewing cave been infested with these Gnomes?
I am not a joiner.
I like Heather Ross as much as the next person, but I haven't collected every scrap she's ever made.
Like some people.
You know who you are.
But I did have a religious experience when I walked past my first bolt of Heather Ross Goldfish.
Ask my friend Jennifer. She can tell you.
The first thing I noticed was how incredibly soft it was. My hand brushed against it and I stopped in my tracks.
Then I saw the goldfish.
Come on.
You know what I'm talking about.
That has to be the cutest fabric ever made.
The names! Oh the names of the fish.
I was in love.
But that hideous creature raised it's head.
"What would you DO with it?"
Do with it?
What WOULD I do with it?
So I didn't buy it.
Didn't buy yards and yards of it when I had the chance.
When it was sitting right in front of me.
I bought one fat quarter.
One small square of the cutest fabric ever.
You can still find if it you want.
This one sells for $39 a yard.
Hey, I'm not knocking it.
I might give in and buy it someday.
But what I DID buy, was some little Gnomies from this lovely seller.
And I think I'll be back for some others.
So little Gnomies,
surrounded by a ring of white, and then a ring of sumpin else.
Then more white, and more sumpin else.
It's not original. Not particularly complex. But hopefully it's cute!
I have to tell you, it was so much fun picking out fabric for this! I've sort of become lazy and relied on the pre-cuts. It's a no-brainer when the whole fabric line is laid out in front of you.
But it was a kick picking out all random fabrics for these little guys.
I wanted green and red, those are the obvious choices, but then it screams CHRISTMAS!
Hmm... I like Christmas, but I didn't want it to be a Christmas quilt.
Per se.
Ok, I just wanted to say "Per se".
So what to do? Add some blue from his little shirt, and some black for ZING! from his little boots.
I think the black is going to make the quilt.
By the way, does this drive anyone else insane?
When you've only got a half yard, or less, it gives me such a tick in my eye when it's this far off grain.
THAT'S ALL! That's all I gotta say about that.
Now back to those Gnomes.


Leslie said...

oh they little guy is so cute!!! i once walked away from some amazing heather ross, including the goldfish, when i had the chance. What was i thinking? what you have done with this little gnome is too cute...i saw a really cute gnome costume at walmart of all places.

Magpie Sue said...

I have a piece of the tadpoles/frogs by Heather Ross but I think that's the only one. So far. I love her mermaids and octopi too.

Your gnomes are looking wonderful. Not Christmas-y at all!

That African animal quilt was awesome.

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

Im currently obsessed with Munki but am trying to limit it to Poplin... and not collect everything ... I don't need it all, just the ones I love! Seriously, pour milk on it, I could just eat it up!
I was so not on the HR bandwagon till I went to a workshop and realized how brilliant it was...
It just is so great... and so soft..
Since you are in california you can go to marshalls and get Munki munki PJs for 17$ a pair and then trade for what you want from others on flickr...

your blocks are adorable!... I love the gnomes!
thanks for your comment !

prashant said...

That African animal quilt was awesome.

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