Ok, that was actually yesterday, unless you count yesterday as a holiday, which I do, which makes today technically the first day of vacation. 
Woo hoo for me!
So last week I went into my friendly neighborhood quilt store, Judy's, just to see if they had anything that I needed, NEEDED for my vacation. I picked up a jelly roll, then put it down. Petted the batiks, but nooo... 
then I saw it. 
Almost walked right past, but I heard it call my name, softly, sweetly...
A fat quarter bundle of Metro Market by Robert Kaufman in blues, greens and brown. Our eyes met, I picked it up, we held hands and spun around in a circle on the beach. 
Oh yes, you shall be mine. 
The price was right, and I loved every single print in it. You know how sometimes you see a package of something, but there's one or two that you just don't like?You buy an album, but don't like all the songs? Yeah, that didn't happen here. 
Love it. Love it all. I picked it up and there was no possibility that it was not coming home with me. 
I got up to the register, and someone laughed. Apparently they had just set it out within the hour. Score! 
So yesterday I cut and cut and cut, and sewed and sewed and sewed, and this is what I ended up with.
Triangles! Lot's of triangles. I love it!  
Those beaters! Be still my heart!
The apples!  The "love beads"!!
That chicken! 
Ohhhhhh, so cute. Such nice prints. It needs a border, maybe in that chicken print, and that's that. Forgive the first two shots, they were taken at dusk last night. The close ups show truer color. Truer? Is that a word? Is now.
So that's Day One.
I had a lightening bolt moment, you know the kind. 
I think I've been approaching quilting as something that I 
A) needed an occasion for (Lisa's having a baby! Need to make a quilt) and also
B) needed to make something phenomenal, that would last through the ages.   
The lightening bolt hit me, and I realized that no! No I don't! I can make things just because! Just because I feel like it. Just because I want to. It doesn't have to be heirloom quality. It doesn't have to be dripping with meaning. 
It can just be pretty! 
It's like that story of the art class where one half was graded on quantity and the other half judged on quality. You know that story? 
So the first half threw pot after pot. 
Did I mention it was a pottery class? I think it was a pottery class. Pot after pot after pot. Not caring how they came out, just do it and move on to the next. 
And the second half, I did say it was a pottery class, right? Well, they researched, and drew out diagrams, and planned the perfect pot. Only going to the wheel once they had the perfect design. 
And then at the end of the class, the pottery class, it was a pottery class after all, 
it turned out that the people who threw a bazillion pots had a higher quality than the people who just threw one! 
That's how I remember the story anyway. 
So the moral of the story is that I'm off to the sewing cave again. 
Let's throw some pots.


shabby girl said...

So, so, so, sew CUTE! It is so summery looking! Might make a super light cover for the bed???

Magpie Sue said...

You're a faster learner than I am! I have my moments of quilting freedom but I can't seem to make them last for very long. This is a totally fun quilt by the way :- )