Give me an F! Give me an A!

Well hello! Isn't it a beautiful day? It is in Cali. Ok, it's drizzly and foggy, but that's beautiful too, right? What could make this day any more beautiful? Wait, I know. FABRIC! Is anyone else addicted to fabric? The colors, the feel, the possibilities? I've been on a buying binge lately. Sweet Baboo and I made a deal, so my state tax refund is ALL MINE TO BUY FABRIC!! 
(ahem) Sorry. I got a little carried away. 
I meant, "Oh! How delightful." 
Better? So here are the fruits of my fabric buying labors! Some of them. A few of them. More will come in the mail, and I still have $47 to spend. And oh yes, I will spend it. I'm doing MY part as an American. 
So here's the first batch, some zebra print, to make something for my darling God-daughter. And some other graphic ones just because.
Cute, huh? 
I gave in and bought this bird fabric, even though I don't like to follow the trends too much. And shoes! How adorable.
Beaters, turtles and scissors! Don't you love it? Don't you just love them all? 
I had to get a jelly roll of Hello Betty. I adore this line. I already had a layer cake and have a project in the works. Needed some sashing, so here we are. 
My dear, sweet friend recently gave me this Oh Cherry Oh jelly roll. I loooooove it! (sing song voice) 
So I bought the turnover to match! I've never bought a turnover before. My idea is squares on point with appliqued cherries, with those turnovers on each side, and maybe... sort of... something with the jelly roll. It'll tell me. I'm not worried.  
And she also bought me DARLA!! I love, love, love Darla! Love it. LOVE IT! I love it so much, I want to kiss it and hug it and take it home to meet my parents.  
I want to take vacations with it, and sit on the beach and drink fruity drinks. I want to combine our bank accounts and pick schools for our children. Our cute little 40's tablecloth looking children. Girls please, I don't want the boys teased for looking so cute and girly! 
Love it. Mmm!
And I managed to do some sewing on the Terry Pratchett quilt! 
 Ok, yes, I DO own an iron. You don't have to sound so sarcastic. It's hard taking pictures in my sewing cave. I can't get far enough away to get the whole quilt. But this one is big. REALLY big. And it just keeps getting bigger! 
I argued with this quilt, and folded it up (wadded it up) and stuck it away because we just couldn't agree on borders. But it called to me, so I pulled it back out and had a lightening bolt moment. 
It's supposed to be fun!
I totally forgot. 
So we, the quilt and I, decided on a border of little squares, with the occasional long strip thrown in, followed by another border that will only be in two opposing corners. With lots of white in between everything. I'm really liking it! I can see the finish line off in the distance, and it's getting closer! 
Soon, my pet. Soon...


shabby girl said...

All such cute fabric! Oh, you are going to be BUSY!
TP quilt is looking soooo cute!!!

Magpie Sue said...

Oh you lucky girl you! All that money for fabric - and all that fabulous fabric you already bought!!! Where did you find the beaters??? I may have to look around online for some of that. And the shoes! Love the graphic prints too... aw heck, I love it all :- )

I sometimes totally forget that quilt building is supposed to be fun too. Looks like you and the TP quilt have come to a marvelous meeting of the minds though!

Janice said...

We might have to trade! I'll swap you some beaters for some of that fish on the newspaper fabric!