Business Up Front, Party in the Back...

Whew! Done with that! I took a break from all the quilting to make this totally awesome scooter/walker bag. I call it the Mullet bag, because it's business like and professional on one side, 
and BAM! 
Party on the other! 
It's reversible, so she can choose which side to sport.
Here's a close up of the awesome fabric, isn't it gorgeous?
 On an unrelated note, I think I have Parkinson's, because I just cannot take a picture that is not shaky. I hate my camera. I've had a hundred people look at it and tell me why I can't take a good picture, but no one can help, so I assume it's the Parkinson's. 
So anyhoo, a friend at work has broken her foot so she's got one of those little scooters. Have you seen these? Apparently they're all the rage. You kneel on it and push around with your good foot. Well, she went off to rent it, shiny brochure in hand, and came back very disillusioned. She's been showing everyone, "Look at the brochure! Look at it! It's got a drink holder! It's got a basket! It's got spinning rims!" 
Ok, maybe not the rims, but it's pretty sweet. The one she actually got is not quite so swanky. As in not at all. As in straight from the chop shop. So I figured she needed at least a bag that she can hang off her handlebars and carry SOMETHING around. 
But I forgot that I do not work so well in three dimensions. I prefer my quilts flat. I am proud of my box corners though. I have to give myself credit for that. Maybe I'll make a really, really fat quilt and give it box corners. Ha! 
Now back to the real work. I have a new idea about the borders on my Terry Pratchett quilt. Should be nice...

I almost forgot! I won a prize from Amy's Online Quilt Festival! How cool is that? And I've been buying a lot of fabric lately. I'll show you pictures next time. It's some cool stuff! 


Magpie Sue said...

LOL "The Mullet Bag!" Love it!

Lookin' forward to seeing your new fabric :- )

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love the bag! and congrats on winning the giveaway!

shabby girl said...

Next time, as in, this weekend you will post your pictures???

Yea!!! You totally deserve the prize, any prize, because you are so very awesome! And talented! And a great dog mom! And a great friend!

Oh, I mean, way to go girlie...I am such a dork!

Jan said...

I love the bag, very creative.