Lazy on a Sunday Afternoon...

Thank you soooo much for your kind words and encouragement. I have met the nicest people out here on the web.
So here's the latest.
 This one is kind of personal, and part of me can't believe I'm sharing it with the universe. That's the point of this whole blogging thing, isn't it? A diary that you intend for other people to read? I got three older brothers, folks. I learned at an early age not to write down anything that could someday be used against me. So here it is. It's got a background story, so grab a cold beverage and make yourself comfortable. 
Got it? Ready? Ok. 
So there's an author that I love; Terry Pratchett. He writes "comical fantasy" books. They are funny, and brilliant. He also has recently been diagnosed with alzheimers disease, which is near and dear to my heart, but I refuse to capitalize, but that's not why I started reading his stuff.
So anyhoo, I love his books, and turned my stepson onto them. He then turned his wife onto them, and now we all exchange text messages about who's read which book, and which one is best, and we were all very excited once when we saw a reference on a very hip website. 
So I was puttering around one day, and I really like what THIS girl does with text on her quilts, so I started thinking about what I could print out and use. Poems? Eh. Song lyrics? Maybe. Then I got the idea of using quotes from Terry Pratchett and making a quilt for the boy and his bride. They're owed one anyway. He helped me set up my first sewing machine. The first (still unfinished) project I ever started was a quilt for him. Oh if I knew then what I know now. I thought that a green quilt had to have nothing but green. Light green and dark green and every shade in between. It's one fugly quilt, let me tell you.
So here's the new one.
Wonky log cabins. Lots of white. I tried for a majority of greens, with a little blue and orange thrown in for interest. And I also tried to pick prints that had some white in them too. I wanted fresh and clean and modern. So fresh and so clean!
My personal favorite.
I can see from the picture that I'll have to do some un-sewing and fixing. In that upper right corner there's too much white showing. Do you see it? In between the top row and the middle row. I think I'll rip something out and add bigger strips of color. And then I have some borders of small squares to go around. Maybe. We'll see what it wants to be. You gotta listen to what the quilt wants, you know? And I think it's so strange that I have no patience whatsoever in every other aspect of my life, yet having to tear out something that I've worked hard on doesn't even make me blink. I've learned that if something bothers me early on, it's not going to bother me any less later. Better to just take care of it now. And now that I look at it, I might just take that top row and move it to the bottom. 
If that's what it wants. 
What do I know? I just run the machine.
I will take credit for how these leaves wrap around the corner seam though. That was all me.
(blows on fingernails and polishes on shirt)


Magpie Sue said...

I LOVE Terry Pratchett! It's criminal that he should be one of the victims of alzheimer's. That is *so* not fair. Do you know about the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative? There's a button on my sidebar that will take you to the website if you do want to know more. It's not much, but at least it's a way to do what we can to fund research (and have a little fun in the process). Maybe you and I need to have a mini challenge between us to make a quilt each in honor of the Honorable Mr. Pratchett!

BTW, I want to see what other quotes you used :- )

shabby girl said...

Oh My God! The day you spill your guts on your blog, and I have to give you a Lemonade Award, and have all sorts of people come look at your blog!!!
Oh, I just read through the whole post. You're safe. Whew!