Blogger's Quilt Festival!

It's a festival! 
Ok, so Amy, over at Park City Girl has started the first Online Quilt Festival! How awesome? So we're supposed to post a picture of our favorite quilt. How could I just choose one? All right, who am I kidding? I totally have a favorite. I want to say it's this one... 
That I made for my Mom. Every single square inch is fraught, FRAUGHT with meaning. It's a word. It's sort of a medallion quilt, with four house blocks in the middle. One for each of her four children. 
Mine is the hot pink one. ;-)
There are X's and O's on it, and a border of appliqued hearts because I love her so much. There are pansies, because that was one of our favorite flowers. 
There are roses and garden tools because of her love of gardening. There is bee fabric, because when she and my Dad were first married, they were dirt poor and agreed to not get each other anything for their first anniversary. 
Well, my father broke his promise and bought her two tiny chenille bees. She kept them forever. It was one of my first quilts, and I didn't even quilt it; it's tied 
with embroidery floss. 
She seemed to like it though, and would keep it on the back of the couch so she could look at it. 
I WANT to say that this is my favorite, and it is, really, it's up there. It's definitely top three. 
But if we're talking FAVORITE, like FAVORITE quilt, it would have to be this one. If the house was on fire, I would grab my Sweet Baboo and Da Pup and this quilt. I use it every single day, even today when it's 90 degrees out and Da Pup has melted.  
It's completely flannel, and soooo soft and fluffy. I actually made it for a friend's mom, but couldn't part with it and ended up making her another one. THIS is my absolute all time favorite!
It's got CAT fabric! What am I, dedicated dog-person doing with a cat quilt? What can I say, we don't get to choose who we love. I fell in love with a flannel cat quilt. 
And they lived happily ever after!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Love both of your quilts. The houses are so wonderful and the cat one, well, guess even a dog-person has to have a cat :-) Thanks for sharing about your Mom's quilt. It was very sweet to make it so personal and special.

Zonnah said...

It is weird what we fall in love with. I love both of the quilts.

Cindy's Stitching said...

all the quilts are very nice.

shabby girl said...

Since I know you, I KNOW how much thought went into your Mom's quilt. Every single bee and X and O and garden tool. I'm sure she knew too, and just loved you that much more for it!

Pepper probably overlooks the cats on the flannel quilt because it's so soft and warm!

Anonymous said...

I love the quilt you made your mom! Just beautiful! and I am sure so much love and energy went into it. I love the other one too. Very beautiful!

Jen said...

Both quilts are beautiful. I love the symbolism in the quilt you made for you mom. And the bottom one....it's just calling to picked up and curled up on the couch with!

Magpie Sue said...

I also have quilts I love for no discernable reason, but it's the love that counts! What I love is the amount of love you put into the quilt for your mom.

scrappy quilter said...

Great quilts.

connie said...


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Stephanie D. said...

Oh, it looks so cosy and soft! I'm a dog person, too, but this is pretty!