Mulch Angels Anyone?

Whew! I am wiped out. 
Every year the company I work for has a charity day where we pick a school and volunteer our time cleaning and painting, weeding, and building. And mulching. Lots of mulch. Seems like no matter what projects are planned, there's always mulch. This year we had two truckloads of mulch delivered. That's a lot of mulch, trust me. 
It's a fun day for everyone, but all the planning takes it's toll. 
Well, the planning AND the hole digging, cement mixing, post leveling and plain old manual labor.
But mostly the planning. Now it's over. All over but the paperwork. 
But it's always a great day, and this year the principal, parents and teachers were so appreciative and nice, it really made it all worth while. I wish we could go back to this school every year! 
But now, after a couple of naps, a heating pad or two, and lots of Aleve, I can get back to the business of being me. Starting with these blocks from my vintage sheets! Woo hoo! 
Like this?
Or maybe off-set? 
Sashing? No sashing?? 
I don't have my green grass sheet yet, but I did find a panel of it that I used for the centers. Did I mention that I also had curtains out of it when I was little? I really liked these sheets.
I like this one a lot...
And this one too...
I like them all! It makes me feel like I'm in a hammock.  
I can't wait to find my other green sheet and finish making a million blocks!
But for now, I'll hobble down the stairs, creaking and moaning, and finish a different little project I've got going. 
More on that next time! 


shabby girl said...

Awww! You need a great big glass of wine and a soft, warm pup by your side! A big hug from Baboo would be nice too.

I say offset! The sashing would make the blocks stand out, but they are awesome just like they are!

You worked so hard this weekend, take the next week off!

Brenda said...

You're such a good neighbor. I wish we had a neighborhood group to get people more involved. Sometimes I think that these kids that are getting into so much trouble these days need to do a little "pro bono" community work. Maybe if they spent the day cleaning the little park down the street they would be less likely to leave their litter behind. Too easy... My sister works for Fidelity and they encourage them to do lots of community service. I am so amazed at the things she does, and I know it all started at work; it's awesome.
Oh, I love your vintage sheet quilt. Would you consider that a "green" project? Are those really blankets? If so, you have the best stash of old linens I have ever seen! And how the heck did you get them that white? I have new socks that aren't that white. Do you use bleach? I think they're beautiful, can't wait to see the finished quilt. =)

Magpie Sue said...

I'm really liking the way this is turning out. It's going to be terrific. I prefer the offset layout, without sashing. It's going to be such a happy quilt!

That's a BIG load of mulch - and you had two of them?! Y'all done good!