I'm giving you a Sultry look...

September already? How did that happen?
No one asked me about this.
But hey, September is National Sewing Month, so it can't be all bad! Here's MY contribution. You know I love to celebrate things.
So remember the Sultry quilt?
I decided to hack the edges off and sew the braids together after all, because I wanted to finish this before I turned NINETY!
So hack, hack, hack... sew, sew, sew... Ok!
It's done.

How did it end up so short? You can't really tell from this picture, but somehow it ended up wider than it is long.
Ok, so it said to trim the braids to something like 7 1/2 inches wide, and I trimmed them to 8 inches.
So yeah, that's really... half an inch over seven braids... carry the two... I before E... three and a half inches wider than it called for.
But come on!! Three and a half inches!
That should not have equaled the difference that I got here.
Good thing I had ordered that extra jelly roll, so I ripped the bottoms apart, ripped out the parts that were already trimmed, and started sewing some more strips.
And sewed.
And ended up with a nice rectangle. Like God intended. Going the right way. Just one more border and we'll cross this one off and send it winging to the long arm quilter.
It's the obstacles that make the journey interesting, no?


shabby girl said...

Oh, my dearest friend! God bless you; you make me laugh!!! Carry the two, I before E, it is still absolutely gorgeous!
Do you know how much I appreciate who you are, and your sense of humour??? Or is that humor? Humour expresses more of how I feel. You are awesome!
And, it is truly beautiful.

Magpie Sue said...

And every quilt brings its' lessons too!

BTW I fed your fish ;- )