Yes! No? Meh... maybe...

Ok then! I'm done. Done, finished, completed.
Or am I?
Does anyone else see it? Is it giving anyone else a twitch in their eye? Is it just me? Because it might just be me. I am sometimes annoyed by things that annoy no one else.
Do you see it?
I think I got sick of the dark brown strips before I got to the end.
It's looking a little unbalanced to me.
And it doesn't help that it's the dark brown, which A) stands out and B) carries more visual weight, so I feel like if it's going to be unbalanced, there should be more of the brown towards the bottom. If at all. But ideally, it should have a nice mix of everything all over, and my eye shouldn't be drawn to the big, bare patch at the bottom.
I wonder how much it's going to bother me?
Am I going to have to rip something out and stick in some brown?
Maybe applique some brown over another piece?
Maybe keep it folded so I never have to see the whole thing at once?
And I was so proud of my borders.
Still am.
See, I KNEW going in that the borders had the potential to give me serious eye twitches. Because it's such a big print, with a lot of negative space, it was going to be unbalanced if I just slapped on some borders. So (with the Sweet Baboo's help) I picked some strips that were similar, then pieced them together so that either side would have a big bunch of flowers in the middle.
I like that.
That looks good.
Now about that brown...


shabby girl said...

This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! My vote: okay, maybe just two more browns. ONLY because you will ALWAYS be looking at that, and it is so beautiful that it needs to be appreciated completely, even by you!

Sequana said...

Even before you said what was bothering you, the brown was bothering me.....*sigh*

I'd like to see that all just disappear......unfortunately I don't have an easy solution for you.

larry7pokey said...

Yes, I too, noticed the brown. BUT, my thought was that it was a design call, for that a-symmetrical look that we always seem to admire in others work. Why can't it be that for you, too? Because, truly, we are critical of our own work so much more than others. I liked it; leave it- if you CAN! :-} pokey