Neptune Love

I love Neptune!
I just wanted to get that out. It's so pretty, and I love how Tula Pink hides cute little sea motifs in the prints.
So clever.
I've been so busy lately; weddings, funerals, parties, work stuff.
It was nice to finally get in there and cut up my Neptune stash.
It's so hard to cut into that stuff that you love, isn't it?

I may have mentioned... I LOVE Neptune. I've been obsessed with it for quite a while, but I'm also obsessed with fining things on sale. So when Fabric Depot had 14 prints 40% off, I jumped!
Then I waited, and petted it, and arranged it in different configurations...
I went through a bazillion pattern choices before deciding on the "Kaleidoscope" block.
Mmm... nice pile of cut pieces.
Sew them into pairs,
sew the pairs into halves, sew the halves into a block.
Oww! Check out those points!
I can brag now, because the points when I sewed the blocks together aren't that hot.
C'est la vie.
So many bigger things to be upset over. I can't waste my energy crying over wonky points.
That doesn't mean I'll be showing you them any time soon though.
A girl knows how to hide her flaws!


shabby girl said...

Even the word, Neptune, is sure to grab you, Pisces girl!
It will be lovely, I'm sure!

Leslie said...

this is exciting!! i love neptune...i have a little stash put away to make a zig zag quilt someday!!! i am excited to see more of this quilt!!! it is beautiful,

jaybird said...

who doesn't love neptune? seriously its great... i love your project & i'm proud of you for cutting into your stash!!