Black and White and Pep All Over...

I am a creature of habit.
 I am.
 I will go through phases of eating the same thing over and over for lunch with no problem at all. Taco Bell, day after day. Turkey sandwich, day after day. I understand that not everyone feels the same way. When I worked in the big city and went to lunch with my group of peeps, every day was the same drama, "Where are we going for lunch?" "I don't know, where do you want to go?" "I don't know, where do YOU want to go?" "How about Chinese?" "No... how about Italian?" "No......." and so on, and so on. Once, I kid you not,
 we were doing the dance, and someone suggested "How about KFC?" and someone, (and you know who you are!) said, in all seriousness, "No, I had that for dinner a few nights ago." 
What? Seriously? A few nights ago? 
Not me. If I'm in a KFC mood, that's what I'll be having until it gets replaced by something else, which I will then eat day after day until that gets old. And it's not just food, I will get a song in my head and listen to it over and over and over. Lately it's been this one... Although on the way home it was this, over and over and over. 
I don't know if it's healthy. I don't know if I'm the one with a problem, or if I'm just so very secure that I don't need variety. I can't imagine where it comes from, except for the feeling that gee, that was good, I bet it'll be good again!
And I'm usually right.
Which is why I bet I'm going to have no problem at all making a quilt out of these blocks.


I saw this quilt in the background of the TV show "That's Clever". It's cute, right?And it's titled "Pepper and Friends"! It's a sign. And honestly, how could I, Velvetdog76, not have a dog quilt? I saw the pattern in Quilter's Newsletter a long time ago, but forgot about it. Well, now's the time! Pepper needs an homage, so I think I will be paper piecing up a storm in her honor. The question now is... if I make the dogs black, like her, what color to make the background? I'm not usually crazy about black and white quilts, even though I've seen some awesome ones. I could do her in black, black on white prints for the backgrounds, and different bright colors for her collar? What would that look like? Maybe I should just get out an assortment from my stash and wrestle her onto them to see how they look. SIT! STAY! Now get on the blue pile! Hold it up! Work the runway!

Good dog...

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shabby girl said...

I am soooo with you sista! Love, I'm yours!
And I keep hearing, Turn the Car Around. Yep It's good.
So funny, wrestle Pep over your stashes! Unfortunately, I couldn't see your picture of the quilt...:( She is a regal little thing, isn't she??
Birds, please...