Happy Birthday To Meeee...

Happy Birthday to meeee! And many moooore...
That kind of looks like Mandy Moore. Happy birthday to me and Mandy Moore. Which would be fine, because I think she's totally cute and seems like she has a good head on her shoulders, so she could share my birthday, but I just Googled her and she doesn't, her birthday is April 10th, so... get off my birthday, Mandy Moore. Why's it gotta be about you? This is MY day! Woo hoo! 
You know what else I think is cute? Princess cakes. Like this one, FOR MY BIRTHDAY.
How cute is that? Pretty damn, if you ask me. 
My adorable friend had that on my desk waiting for me when I got to work on Thursday. Which was good, because I took Friday off, but she's clever like that. She knew better than to leave it waiting for TODAY, which is, in fact, my actual birthday. Today. February 28th. Pretty cool day to have a birthday on, I recommend it if you get a chance to change yours. And the beauty, the kismet of this cake is that she didn't even know that this was ALWAYS the cake that I wanted when I was little! See?
 I think I must be praying for strength to deal with my brother Steven there. Although it kind of looks like I'm looking at the halo above my head, (HA!) but that's just the Japanese doll in the cabinet behind me. And we're both sitting there with no plates, just forks, 'cause that's how we did things in my house. Sing the song, blow out the candles, and then dig into a big handful of cake. Just kidding, we wouldn't use forks. 
So here's some of my birthday presents, my friend Karyn turned my blog into a book! Seriously! Be careful now, because if you look too long at my blog of my blog, it starts to suck you in like those candles in front of a mirror.
How awesome?
Totally awesome. 
I'm a published author now, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to charge you all $5 per viewing. And a nickle if you quote me. Especially if you say Obamalicious, because I invented that word. (Patent Pending)
And look what I got in the mail! My friend Lisa MADE this for me! She did! I swear! I love, love, love it. 
I couldn't paint anything that evenly if I was on a game show where I had to paint something evenly or else be electrocuted, and I think they ARE in the works to make that show. She's so effortlessly talented. You know the type. Never even seems to break a sweat over it. And anything that she decides to try, BOOM! Instantly good. Sigh. She's an inspiration. 
So all in all, a wonderful birthday! But anything would be wonderful, because it's MY DAY! 
Oh! And I've been getting Birthday Puppy Kisses all day long. She's an excellent kisser. Ok, it's her only trick, but it's still sweet. 
I'm all, "Can I get a Birthday Kiss?" and she comes over and SMACK!
Yup. A very good day.


shabby girl said...

OMG you make me laugh! Don't think I'll try for that show! Thank you for your wonderful words, but more importantly, for you friendship, encouragement, and just for being you!
Happy birthday!

shabby girl said...

LOVE THAT PICTURE OF YOU AND STEVEN!!! Yeah, you probably did have a halo back in the day, but I'm goin' with the "praying for strength" answer!