Great weekend!

Happy Sunday! 
So I had me this thought: that I could go to work and commandeer the conference room as my own personal sweatshop. So I did! And I must say, it worked out perfectly. Giant glass topped conference table, lots of light, lots of room, I was able to do the quilting on two pending quilts! It would have been three, but the backing wasn't big enough. (Dammit! I hate figuring out yardage for backing! I always get it wrong.)
How perfect! That's lil Dixie Lee's QUILTED quilt in the foreground, and lil Reese's QUILTED I-Spy on the machine. Or, almost quilted at this point, but it's quilted now! Ahhhh... progress. So now I don't feel as guilty for starting on my Hawaiian quilt. Ha! 
My dear sweet friend Karyn brought me back a giant stack of squares cut from the fabric they make Hawaiian shirts from when she went to the Island. I'm thinking zig - zag quilt with a giant hibiscus or three appliqued on it.
On another note, I had a hot date to go see Paula Poundstone at the Rio Theater on Saturday night. She is hysterical, I had a really great time. And I posed with the humongous guitar in the lobby. This one's for you, Sweet Babboo! 

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shabby girl said...

I am so proud of you!!! Yea! So now you move on to new, exciting projects!!!